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702, 2018

Bad Breath and You

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy isn’t rocket science. But, it’s very important. Good oral hygiene is something everyone should strive for. Plus, your dentist in Tampa will be grateful! This is also important for maintaining fresh [...]

2601, 2018

Is My Child Ready for Braces?

If you have a child, chances are you or your Tampa dentist are considering or discussing braces. Many children have teeth that come in crooked, so braces have become extremely popular to correct aesthetic problems, but your [...]

2601, 2018

The Horrors of Morning Bad Breath

We have all been there. You wake up with that deadly morning dragon breath and your family immediately runs away from you. Speak with your local Tampa dentist to see what you can do about that. It [...]

1901, 2018

Top 5 Foods That Are Harmful For Your Teeth

Your dentist in Tampa probably always tells you the same thing over and over again. They implore you too cut back on sugary treats because of their harmful effects on your teeth. So please keep your local [...]

1901, 2018

Good Oral Care Tips When Wearing Braces

It can be tricky to take care of your teeth when you have braces on. But, it’s important that you do. One of the first things to remember is that just because you have braces does not [...]

1201, 2018

Dentures versus Implants

If you are one of the thousands of Americans who think dentures are a last resort, then you are in luck. Depending on the circumstances and your oral needs, you and your Tampa dentist can discuss if [...]

1201, 2018

5 Fun Facts About Your Teeth

Teeth are important. Just ask your local Tampa dentist. You use them every day; from chewing, to speaking, to even smiling. But teeth also have some cool facts that you might not have known about. Make your dentist in Tampa [...]


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