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4 Bad Things You Avoid By Flossing Twice a Day

If you’ve often overlooked flossing when tending to your twice daily oral hygiene routine, you’re among many fellow Floridians! Few realize the harmful, widespread effects bad oral hygiene can have in many areas of our life. Learn the four bad things you can help avoid simply by flossing twice a day.

Things You Can Avoid By Flossing Twice a Day

#1: Bad Breath:

Although bad breath can be caused by many things, bad oral hygiene is the most common source. Getting rid of that decomposing food stuck between your teeth is an easy fix; all you need to do is brush and floss twice a day! And never neglect your tongue which is a hotbed of bacteria! For persistent bad breath that does not improve with better oral hygiene, consult your dentist in Tampa.

#2: Cavities:

The true purpose of flossing is to remove the plaque between your teeth. This can be hard to remember because we can’t see plaque. However, anyone who has gone several days without flossing will recognize the fuzzy feeling of unclean, plaque-ridden teeth. Simply brushing your teeth is not enough to rid them of plaque. There is 33% of tooth that your toothbrush won’t ever be able to reach. Your only option is flossing!

#3: Bleeding Gums:

Bleeding gums are a sign that your mouth is unhealthy and in need of assistance. Bloody gums are caused by bacteria buildup within the gums. Once stimulated, the gums give off an inflammatory response which manifests as bleeding. Although it seems counter-productive and a little painful, keep up with your flossing habit for the first few days, but be careful around sensitive areas. If caught early enough, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your gums heal and become accustomed to normal hygiene habits including flossing!

If your gums are still bleeding and sensitive after several days of flossing, call your Tampa dentist immediately for a consultation. You could have severe gingivitis or possibly even gum disease both of which require further advice from your Tampa dentist.

#3: Other Systemic Diseases:

More and more research continues to link severe gingivitis andgum disease to other serious illnesses such as ulcers, diabetes, several types of cancer and kidney disease. Women who are pregnant or are considering becoming pregnant should also know that research suggests a link between gum disease and premature birth.

#4: Tooth Loss:

When you neglect your teeth for long enough, the inevitable result is a loose tooth. Although a loose tooth is scary enough to imagine, having a tooth fall out is much worse! As soon you notice a loose tooth, immediately contact your Tampa dentist to help you understand your dental care options.

Are you having a hard time getting your oral health routine started? Call our office to discuss or ask us during your next appointment!

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