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4 of the Worst Drinks for your Teeth

Aside from eating, there is one big habit we just cannot avoid, despite the damage it is causing your teeth. Drinking certain things can wear away enamel or significantly discolor your teeth, but many of them are quite common in our diets. Your Tampa dentist will likely appreciate cutting back on these drinks for the sake of your oral health. If you can avoid any of these drinks, your teeth, and your Tampa dentist, will thank you.

Worst Drinks for your Teeth

Tampa Dentist Will Advice to Avoid These Drinks for Your Oral Health


This one has to be the hardest one to quit. Coffee can sometimes feel like the lifeblood of your workday, but can be one of the biggest culprits in causing yellowed teeth. If you’re guilty of adding cream and sugar, you are also exposing yourself to a higher risk of cavities, much to your Tampa dentist’s dismay.


For those of you thinking you’re safe because you drink tea instead of coffee, you’d be wrong. Tea is just as harmful to your teeth as coffee due to its naturally dark color that causes discoloration to the teeth. While tea offers a myriad of other health benefits, moderation is key; consider skipping the black tea for a lighter variety to reduce staining.


You have likely heard that a glass of wine a day is good for your heart, but not necessarily for your teeth. Alcohol naturally breaks down your enamel, making you susceptible to cavities and other oral diseases. Darker drinks like red wine also pose the risk of staining your teeth, much like coffee and tea.


Soda drinkers leave their teeth exposed to both staining and high levels of sugar. The sugar in soda increases your chances for cavities, and wears down your enamel. Avoiding this drink as much as possible will keep your teeth looking their best.

We don’t expect you to cut out any drink aside from water, but reducing your intake of these drinks can significantly help keep your teeth healthy. If you’ve already experienced staining from these drinks, ask us about whitening options to bring your smile back to life.

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