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The Complete Truth About Root Canals

Truth about Root Canals

Truth about Root Canal Endodontist Tampa FloridaHas your dentist recommended a root canal to resolve a current dental problem you’re facing? This has you searching the internet for the complete truth about root canals. There’s no need to be fearful of this treatment which more than 15 million people take advantage of each year. If you’re in need of a root canal, it’s likely due to severe tooth decay or infection. In this case, root canal therapy is often your last chance to repair and save your tooth.

What are Root Canals

Although modern technology can create wonderful replacement teeth (also known as dental implants) its best to keep your real ones, if at all possible. Hence, it’s worth the additional expense to undergo a root canal. Even if that involves removing your tooth’s nerve and pulp as well as cleaning and sealing its interior.

Just thinking about the nerve of your tooth may have you wincing in pain calling us for an emergency procedure, but this nerve is not as essential to your tooth’s health as you might believe. Once your tooth has fully grown into your mouth, the main function of your tooth’s nerve is to deliver the sensations of hot and cold. Aside from this minor lack of sensation, you shouldn’t notice any difference in daily tooth performance.

Root canals are often touted as incredibly painful procedures. As your dentist will assure you, most people find a root canal no more painful than a dental filling. Though, for a full understanding of the root canal procedure, we suggest you read “Root Canal Therapy: Prevent Toothache and Tooth Loss”.

After the root canal has been performed, inflammation may cause your tooth to feel especially sensitive. This is more likely to occur in situations where pain or infection was already present prior to the root canal. Discomfort can be regulated with over-the-counter pain medications, but if it continues beyond a few days or the pain worsens, put in an immediate call to your dentist.

If you take good care of your tooth, your root canal should last forever. Thus, it’s essential to continue good oral hygiene efforts. In the meantime, why not learn how to build an even better oral hygiene routine?

Finding your ideal Tampa dentist can take time. We invite you to learn more about North Pointe Dental Associates and also read what a few of our patients have to say about their experiences with our dental team. For any questions or to book an appointment, please call (813) 961-1727or send us a message online.

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