Oral Surgery in Tampa For Gum Recession

Are you in need of oral surgery due to gum recession? North Pointe Dental Associates is here to help! Our dentists, located in Tampa, Florida are qualified and experienced in performing oral surgeries. We are able to protect your teeth from gum recession by performing oral surgery, in order to help you with your oral health. So, if you are looking for dentists in the Tampa area, then look no further. Take a look below at why our dentists in Tampa might be the best fit for you!

Gum Recession & Causes

Gingival or gum recession, is when the gum tissue around your teeth has recessed and effectively exposes the vulnerable roots of your teeth. This allows for bacteria to hide away and grow, causing damage to your teeth and overall oral health/structure. If left unchecked, more serious issues can arise. So, if you are unsure visit us in Tampa to double check. Remember, a great smile can get you far in life, so protect yours!

What are some of the causes of gum recession? There are actually quite a few. One of them is genetics. If your parents have gum recession, then you are at a higher risk of getting it yourself. Another cause is overly aggressive brushing and flossing. You should be “brushing” your teeth not “scrubbing” as if you were cleaning your bathroom. Periodontal disease can also be a major cause of gum recession. This is because your gums become constantly inflamed and therefore more susceptible to bacteria breaking it down. If you wish to learn more about the causes of gum recession, come give us a visit!

Treating Gum Recession Through Oral Surgery

Surgery may be necessary in order to prevent further damage. This is to ensure that your teeth, gums, and dental structure are protected from future harm. It also can help improve your smile since it can give your gums that natural healthy look. That also means that through surgery you can remove any issues of your teeth appearing longer, due to gum recession, or protruding because of gum tissue damage. Therefore, the benefits of oral surgery are two-fold. They provide a medical benefit as well as a cosmetic one. Giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need when it comes to your smile and overall oral health.

If you are interested in learning more about oral surgery for gum recession or about us, then check out more of our helpful blogs here. Also feel free to contact us for an appointment at (813) 961-1727. Don’t forget to keep smiling!


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