The Vital Role Nutrition Plays In Your Dental Health

Role of Nutrition & Dental Health

Are you living in Tampa and having tooth pain? The best Tampa dentists are here to help you out.  Whatever you eat affects your teeth! When your body isn’t getting the proper nutrients, your mouth may have a harder time battling an infection. In turn, this can contribute to gum disease and tooth loss when left untreated! Your dentist should explain the Role of Nutrition & Dental Health with you chair-side. If not, let us share some insight.

Nutrition & Your Oral Health Needs

Nutrition & Dental Health

Did you know that 90% of all foods contain sugars and starches? These types of foods are hard on your teeth because the sugars and starches mix with existing plaque bacteria in your mouth to create acids. These acids are what lead to cavities.

We know it’s hard to avoid sugars and starches, but when you do eat them, try doing so during meals when saliva production is high and can help wash away the acids.

Another issue to pay attention to are foods that cause dental erosion. Particular culprits include wine, fruits, juices, and carbonated drinks. Candy is especially plaque-friendly due to its stickiness. The stickier the food, the less likely it is to be washed out by saliva.

How long you take to eat something also determines how much it affects your oral health. Because breath mints, hard candy, and cough drops are meant to linger in your mouth, your teeth are continuously subjected to the acids created by the sugar from these foods as well as the existing bacteria. These acid attacks continue for 20 minutes at a time. Try to avoid both sticky foods and long-lasting candies as they are two of the worst foods for your dental health.

Are you ready to reduce your risk for tooth decay? Start with these three tips:

1 Drink More H2O

Make sure you’re drinking water with the proper amount of fluoride to reduce tooth decay. Link for more info

2 Eat Sugary Foods At Mealtime 

The amount of saliva in your mouth increases during meals, helping to neutralize acids and rinse out particles. Link for more info

3 Limit Your Snacks 

And if you do need to snack, reach for nutritious foods. An alternative is sugarless gum. Because it contains no sugar, it’s safe for your teeth. Also, chewing gum naturally increases saliva production. Link for more info

Now that you know what you shouldn’t eat, let’s talk about what you should. Snacks that are safe for your teeth include cheese, celery and yogurt.

Cheese: Eating cheese has been shown to raise the pH level in your mouth – lowering your risk of tooth. Because cheese contains calcium and protein, it also helps strengthen tooth enamel.

Celery: Both crunchy and full of fiber, celery’s texture helps stimulate your gums. It acts similar to a toothbrush by gently scraping away food and bacteria.

Yogurt: The good bacteria (probiotics) found in this high-calcium, high-protein snack help push out bacteria causing cavities. See more

For optimal dental and understanding the role of nutrition & dental health, follow the advice above and speak to your dentist. You should also visit your dentist twice annually in addition to following a proper oral hygiene regimen! If you’re in need of dental care near us, contact North Pointe Dental Associates to schedule a visit today!

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