BOTOX & Juvederm: North Pointe Dental; the Trusted All-Inclusive Smile

Why Go to the Dentist for Botox?

Years ago, when dental implants and teeth whitening procedures were first introduced, they were reserved for “Specialists.” Some dentists used to refer to these innovative procedures as malpractice and contradicting the image and purpose of a dentist according to traditional perspectives; the one’s that prevent and save your teeth. When the aesthetics of BOTOX and Juvederm originated, the doctors that were getting trained in this area to perform these procedures were general physicians, surgeons, and registered nurses to name a few. The field of general aesthetics has grown rapidly over the past couple decades. What used to be performed very secretively and was considered hush hush among your circle is now widely accepted. People are more prone to openly talk about work or maintenance that they have done to maintain their appearances (The American Academy of Facial Esthetics, 2016).

Today, it is commonly known if you want your teeth whitened or dental implants you would go to a trusted, well respected dental office. According to The American Academy of Facial Esthetics (2016), “oral and maxillofacial areas (that means the face from chin to forehead)” (Dentists Doing Botox? It’s About Time!) is what Dentists are extensively trained in. So when considering going to the dentist for any Juvederm treatments, why not go to the true specialist; your Dentist.

At North Pointe Dental, they are no stranger to innovativeness and embracing new technologies to perform proficiently in the field of dentistry. North Pointe approaches dentistry from a perspective that they can better serve their patients’ needs and desires by offering a more inclusive way of giving their patients a beautiful smile. As a trusted and respected place to seek comprehensive treatment, North Pointe Dental believes mastering all-encompassing treatments makes them proficient in patient satisfaction. How convenient to get it all in one place; a day of beautifying maintenance! North Pointe Dental is no stranger to filler injections and strives to exceed your expectations. Having all-inclusive availability of services within one practice allows the doctors and staff to better know your needs; what a wonderful addition that is to the convenience.

What Exactly is BOTOX/Juvederm?

BOTOX is just the trade name for basically purified protein. Juvederm is a collection of different fillers that render close to a year of wrinkle relief. While each of these procedures takes approximately the same amount of time for each treatment to be administered, they each serve their own purpose. Juvederm is Hyaluronic Acid; HA fillers. Hyaluronic acid is completely natural and is what gives your face and surrounding areas the volume that keeps wrinkles from forming and gives your face a youthful look. As we age, we lose volume in our faces due to the loss of our body’s hyaluronic acid percentage. We lose fat and collagen as every year passes and having an injection of HA Fillers creates volume in your face again along the places that we most commonly find wrinkles such as along the crease around your nose and the corners of your eyes. Derma fillers are injected deep below the folds and can be a painful treatment. This is widely a popular reason many patients prefer that they have a dentist perform the treatment; dentists can treat the pain topically or locally lessening the extent of the pain if any (The American Academy of Facial Esthetics, 2016).

BOTOX is widely used to treat medical conditions like TMJ and other forms a facial pain. BOTOX is injected right into the facial muscles where you seek to address. The protein injection works to block the motor nerve endings for that muscle. The muscle itself is actually not affected or altered at all. The actual muscle sensory is not affected either. What happens is when the motor nerve endings are blocked, those crease lines disappear. The nerves that cause those lines and creases are temporarily interrupted. BOTOX is often used in combination with other dental treatments to compliment another procedure. Many patients of dental implants or high lip lines undergo BOTOX treatments to retrain the facial muscles. Dentists have truly become an innovative and all-inclusive healthcare professional for patients (The American Academy of Facial Esthetics, 2016). So if you’re looking for a trusted dentist in North Tampa, for any of your dental and aesthetic needs, give North Pointe Dental a call for a consultation.

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