What is Gum Disease?

We spend time worrying about things like cancer and heart attacks, but we rarely think about what is going on in our mouth. The threat of gum disease is very real for so many patients, but knowing the signs and talking to your Tampa dentist can help keep you safe and healthy. There is nothing [...]

Plaque VS Tartar

When you don't regularly brush your teeth, you are taking a huge risk to your oral health. Your Tampa dentist can provide cleanings to remove build up on your teeth, but regular brushing can prevent buildup of plaque and tartar. The real question is this: are plaque and tartar the same? Establishing a relationship with [...]

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Getting teeth removed is never a fun process. When it comes to your wisdom teeth, your Tampa dentist may be recommending extraction to prevent things like gum pain and shifting teeth. For the majority of patients, a wisdom tooth extraction is a relatively easy procedure with a smooth recovery. For some patients, however, this process [...]

4 of the Worst Drinks for your Teeth

Aside from eating, there is one big habit we just cannot avoid, despite the damage it is causing your teeth. Drinking certain things can wear away enamel or significantly discolor your teeth, but many of them are quite common in our diets. Your Tampa dentist will likely appreciate cutting back on these drinks for the [...]

Is Wearing a Night Guard Worth It?

If you’ve ever watched television, you have probably seen some poor adolescent wearing a night guard to bed, feeling so embarrassed by it. Mouth guards have somewhat of a reputation of being “uncool” or unnecessary. If your Tampa dentist has recommended wearing a night guard, there is likely a very good reason for it. Night [...]

Three Everyday Habits that are bad for your teeth

We've all developed "bad habits" but how often do we really consider the damage they are doing to our bodies? Your Tampa dentist will most likely tell you that many of your habits are damaging to your teeth. Drinking It is well known that drinks like coffee stain our teeth, but few of us are [...]

Why Not Flossing is Not Good

How many of us get told that we need to floss more? It seems like with every visit to the Tampa dentist, there’s a “everything looks good, but you should floss more” comment made. Flossing can really seem like such a pain and you might think it’s no big deal to skip the flossing, but [...]

Oral Hygiene Tips to Use While Pregnant

You may be thinking that pregnancy won’t cause any changes in your oral hygiene routine, but there are few things you should consider when pregnant. Pregnancy affects all areas of the body, and the mouth is no different. If you’re unsure about what to do while pregnant, consult this list and visit your Tampa dentist [...]

What is Dry Mouth and How Do I Treat It?

Our body naturally produces saliva to keep our mouth moist, preventing bacteria from growing. We tend to take properly functioning saliva glands for granted, but for many, dry mouth is a serious and frustrating condition. Knowing what dry mouth is and when to visit your dentist in Tampa mean you have a better understanding of [...]

What to Eat if You Suffer from TMJ

Jaw pain, commonly known as TJM, is a problem for millions of patients around the world. If you are reading this article, your Tampa dentist has likely set a plan in place to help reduce pain and manage symptoms, and your diet is a great place to start. What we eat impacts our health in [...]