Dental Emergencies – advice from a Tampa Dentist

No doubt that accidents happen, having a plan in place when one occurs can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. For all Tampa dental emergencies, it’s important to visit your Tampa dentist as soon as the injury occurs. Most Tampa dentists reserve time in their schedules for emergency patients so be sure [...]

Healthy Smile this Summer

Keep to your dental routine this summer Whether your family is staying up for a concert or a fireworks show, resist the urge to skip brushing before a late bedtime—or let it slide when everyone sleeps in the next morning. “Don’t forget to wear your smile this summer,” says Tampa dentist Dr. Barrett Tindell at [...]

5 Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

Certain foods affect your dental health positively while others do so negatively, recommended by Tampa dental care. Although it’s quite challenging to only eat foods that are good for you, most people are successful at minimizing the amount of bad foods they consume. Here’s a list of five bad foods to avoid for the sake [...]

How To Choose The Best Dentist

By now, most of us understand how important proper dental care is to our overall health. Yet when it comes to choosing a dentist Tampa, who you pick is often based on how close their office is to your work or home. While location is obviously essentially, there are many other qualities to consider as [...]

Is fluoride really necessary? What makes it important?

A lot of our North Tampa Dental patients at North Pointe Dental Associates are concerned about fluoride and if it’s necessary for them and their family. Our Tampa Dental practices recently asked American Dental Association (ADA) expert questions about nature’s cavity fighter, based on what they have researched. An expert member of the American Dental [...]

The Pros And Cons Of Invisalign

Most people aren’t born with a perfect smile. Instead, we experience a range of irregularities such as crowding, overbites and crooked teeth. When it comes to fixing issues such as these, braces have always been the more traditional option. In fact, they were the only option until the year 2000. However, Invisalign has proven itself [...]

Electric VS Traditional Toothbrushes

It’s the toothbrush showdown you’ve been waiting for! In one corner is a newfangled gadget known as the electric toothbrush. Pitted against this modern marvel is an oldie but a goodie. Why yes, it’s the traditional toothbrush! Who will reign as champion in the battle of electric vs traditional toothbrushes? Continue reading to find out… [...]

A Guide To Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the best remedy for a gravely infected tooth. Your other option is a tooth extraction, and one we only consider as a last resort. In order to quell your apprehension over this common procedure, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide for what you can expect. Stage 1: Eradication Once a local anesthetic [...]

How To Start An Oral Health Routine For Your Child

Proper dental care for your child starts earlier than you think. In fact, a lot can happen during the first two years of your child’s life, even though you won’t be able to see much of it. It’s essential that your child receives regular dental checkups every six months once she is born. Your Tampa [...]

How To Recover From A Dental Filling

  Typical hygiene tasks such as brushing your teeth can seem more difficult with a dental filling. But it’s actually pretty simple, as long as you know what to expect. First off, it’s completely normal to experience numbness immediately after receiving adental filling. This is due to the irritation of your tooth nerves from the [...]