Dental emergencies can be scary if you aren’t prepared. On the other side, avoiding a problem that could have been easily treated may result in an emergency that could have been avoided. So, if you have a dental scare, when do you visit your regular Tampa dentist and when do you visit the emergency room? Waiting for your Tampa dentist may mean you don’t get immediate care, so it’s important to make the right decision.

The most common reason you would choose an emergency room over Tampa dentist visit is an injury. Things like a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth if not treated can cause severe pain or infection. Depending on the severity, the tooth may then cause damage to your gums or cheeks, making the issue even more problematic. If your tooth has fallen out due to injury, always seek emergency care immediately, as the tooth can usually be saved.

If you are guilty of eating your food too quickly after heating it up, you are at risk for serious oral burns. If blistering occurs and does not begin to heal within a few days, it is time to seek emergency care. You will also need to make sure the blisters don’t become infected, as this can be a very dangerous situation.

Tooth Pain
Most people will experience tooth pain in their life, but to varying degrees. If the tooth pain is severe and not treatable with over the counter pain medication, this could point to a more serious infection or underlying problem. Unrelenting tooth pain is a valid cause to visit an emergency room so determine if there are problems that need immediate treatment.

Visiting the emergency room for dental problems is going to happen to some of us. Try to determine the severity of your problems and if they can be treated with your local dentist before seeking out emergency care. Maintaining a regular oral routine and scheduling annual visits for cleanings with your dentist can help you stay aware of your oral health and how to treat common problems.