Dentures & Partials

Dentures are used to replace teeth for individuals that have few or no remaining teeth. While dental implants or fixed bridges are a better solution, partials and dentures provide an affordable alternative for replacing missing teeth allowing for both a functional and cosmetically pleasing smile. Also, dentures and partial dentures are an excellent solution for those who are not deemed good candidates for mini dental implants or dental implants in Tampa.

If you are seeking a cosmetic dentist Tampa dentures patients trust, Drs. Pross, Kanter, M.Tindell and B. Tindell can help. Our dentists strive to create the most comfortable and natural-looking dentures and partial dentures for our patients. Receiving adequate dentures can help you smile with confidence, eat comfortably and maintain optimal oral health.

Receiving Your Full or Partial Dentures in Tampa

Receiving dentures or partial dentures may require several visits to our Tampa office. If you are receiving full dentures, our dentists will first examine your gums and bone structure to develop a treatment plan. In rare cases, where bone loss is present, oral surgery may be recommended. If you still have some remaining teeth, Dr. Pross, Kanter M.Tindell or B. Tindell will let you know if those will have to be removed. If they are healthy, then you might be a better candidate for partial dentures.

Dentures are created in a dental lab. North Pointe Dental Associates works with one of the best labs in the region, so you can rest assured that your dentures will be made to fit. Denture treatment requires X-rays and other digital images of the gums. Next, impressions are taken for your dentures and sent to the lab where your restoration is fabricated. Our dentists will also discuss the appearance of the teeth with you. Bringing a picture of your natural teeth can sometimes be helpful in getting the dentures to look as close as possible to the teeth you used to have.

Once the dentures arrive, you will come in for a final fitting. Dentures can easily be corrected and adjusted to fit.


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