When you think about the term root canal therapy, what comes to mind? Is it a long, painful procedure that a scary, evil dentist might force you to endure for no good reason? Unfortunately, it seems that these days, root canals get a pretty bad rap. The idea of a root canal isn’t a foreign concept to most people, but do you know what it actually entails, and why it is necessary for preventing toothache and too loss?

Why Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the inner layer, the dental pulp, becomes compromised as a result of an oral bacteria or as a result of deep dental cavities. The procedure prevents infection of the tooth, toothache, and tooth loss. Root canal therapy is a very sensitive procedure and it has to be performed with meticulous care and expertise. Drs. Pross, Kanter and Tindell have an excellent track record performing root canal therapy and have saved many dental patients from pain, tooth loss and having to seek an emergency dentist in Tampa.

FACT: Root canal therapy saves an average of 17 million teeth per year. That’s more teeth than the amount of people who live in the entire country of Greece (according to official population estimates by the UN). This procedure is crucial for saving teeth. At North Pointe Dental Affiliates, our dentists are extremely qualified to perform this procedure, saving teeth and contributing to your lifetime oral health.

Root Canal Therapy: Prevent Toothache and Tooth Loss

The tooth is comprised of three parts: the hard, protective enamel, the softer, sensitive dentin and the inner layer, a soft tissue known as dental pulp. The dental pulp contains nerve tissue, lymph tissue and blood vessels, and is considered the most essential part of the tooth. When dental pulp is compromised, it is treated and cleansed through root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is generally performed under local anesthesia for maximum patient comfort. When an infection is present, antibiotics are given for a specific amount of time before to the procedure, although this may not be necessary. During root canal therapy, your dentist uses the most up-to-date, advanced dental tools to access the dental pulp chamber and carefully remove any diseased tissue and debris without damaging the rest of the tooth or the surrounding areas. To minimize damage to the surrounding ligaments and bone, our dentists can use X-rays and other high-tech tools to accurately perform the procedure. In this way, root canal therapy is a very delicate procedure. After the dental pulp is cleansed, the tooth is filled and a temporary filling is placed in order to seal the tooth. A dental crown or permanent filling is performed after root canal therapy to protect the enamel. It is possible that root canal therapy may lead to some discomfort and soreness for about three to five days after treatment. Drs. Pross, Kanter or Tindell will provide you with detailed after-care instructions and pain medicine. In many cases, over-the-counter pain relievers can help. In the end, the discomfort associated with root canal therapy is temporary, while the pain and suffering caused by infection and decay is difficult to treat.

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