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No longer hide your smile with traditional braces, and embrace a more discreet solution!

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Feel Confident Every Time You Smile

Clear aligners: a discreet and comfortable treatment to let you live your life!

  • Tired of hiding your smile due to misaligned teeth?
  • Don’t want to deal with a mouth full of metal braces?
  • Worried about the foods you’ll have to give up to straighten your smile?

Discover the convenience and confidence of clear aligners at North Pointe Dental in Tampa, FL. Say goodbye to metal braces while achieving the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Why Choose Clear Aligners from North Pointe Dental?

We’ve been restoring and enhancing smiles in Tampa for more than 40 years!

  • Benefit from our all-in-one approach, including in-house 3D scanning, aligner design, and personalized treatment plans
  • Experience personalized, one-on-one attention and treatment that prioritizes your unique smile goals and journey
  • Trust our modern technology and experienced team to provide effective, comfortable, and discreet clear aligner solution
  • Work with our team of expert Tampa dentists who are helping you achieve your dream smile and feel more confident
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From Gaps to Glory: Our Patients Speak!

When we get asked for referrals, and people relocate to Tampa… We always send them to North Pointe; we know they’re going to be in great hands…They go above and beyond to make sure that a new patient is always taken care of.

Jason L.

How Clear Aligner Treatment Works

Learn how our North Pointe dentists will enhance your smile with custom-fit veneers.

After your initial appointment to assess your smile at North Pointe Dental in Tampa, FL, we’ll craft a personalized plan for you.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Everything you want to know about clear aligners.

  • Do clear aligners really work?
    Yes, clear aligners really work to straighten teeth like braces.

    They’re recommended for mild to moderate alignment problems, including crowding, gaps, misaligned teeth, overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

    After an initial consultation, your dentist will let you know if you’re a candidate for clear aligners.

  • How much do clear teeth aligners cost?
    Clear teeth aligners cost similar to metal braces, but the actual cost of your orthodontic treatment depends on the extent of correction and time you have to wear your aligners.

    To receive an estimate for clear aligners in Tampa, FL, please contact us today.

  • Which clear aligner is the best?
    Your dentist will recommend the best type of clear aligner for you.

    While there are many different options available that advertise and promise beautiful straight teeth, it’s important to remember that only your dentist or orthodontist can recommend the best type for your particular case.

    You can compare the reviews for clear aligners online and ask your dentist or orthodontist for a recommendation. The best aligner for you will be based on your goals, time, and budget.

  • Are clear aligners bad for your teeth?
    No, clear aligners are not bad for your teeth. Clear aligners are safe for teeth if the treatment is completed under a dentist or orthodontist’s supervision.

    With a comfortable fit, you’ll barely feel them. As for dental hygiene, the trays are removable to make brushing and flossing better than with traditional metal braces.

    Once treatment is complete, your straighter smile will improve oral health and overall health because straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain.

    As for mail-order aligners without in-office visits – these put you at risk of damaged teeth and gums. A dentist must determine if your teeth, gums, and jaw are healthy enough for teeth straightening before starting treatment.

    Other issues with at-home braces are an improper aligner fit and no progress checks. We do not recommend these kits.

  • Can I straighten my teeth myself?
    While there are many teeth straightening systems available, it’s important to work with a trusted dentist or orthodontist to ensure your teeth are straightened safely and effectively.

    The dentist will create a customized treatment plan to straighten your teeth, and you will receive your clear aligners. These aligners can be switched out at home so that you can straighten your teeth by yourself, but you’ll have to come into the dentist’s office every few weeks for a check-up and a new set of aligners.

    The frequency of in-office visits for aligners is much less than with traditional metal braces.

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Ready to Embrace a Future Full of Smiles?

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