When it comes to a visit to your Tampa dentist, nobody wants to be told that one of their teeth has to be pulled. The thought of having a tooth pulled can seem scary or overwhelming, but understanding the reason of why a tooth may need to be extracted is the key to eliminating that anxiety and fear. When a tooth is extracted, it is removed from the socket (also known as the dental alveolus) manually, removing both the visible tooth surface and root of the tooth. Common reasons for removing a tooth involve tooth decay, dental trauma, and periodontal disease. Typically, these teeth are unrestorable and cause excessive pain, such as severe toothache. When teeth are decayed, they can cause problems within the mouth and even affect other teeth. Dental trauma can cause pain and lack of proper function or occlusion, and periodontal disease can have serious implications for bodily health. In any of these cases, an extraction can prevent serious damages and problems from occurring, including recurring infection.