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3 Too Good To Be True Treats That Are Good For Your Teeth

Now before you get excited, remember that you should enjoy these treats in moderation. Going overboard can actually have negative effects and drive your dentist in Tampa crazy. You might be surprised to hear about how they can be healthy for your teeth. But, ask your dentist in Tampa and you might be surprise with their response.

Healthy Teeth With Dentist in Tampa

  1. Dark Chocolate
    That’s right, dark chocolate actually has some properties that prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth. So, the darker the chocolate, the better. But, don’t think that this includes sugary milk chocolate. That will be sure to worry your local Tampa dentist. Therefore, treating yourself to dark chocolate once in a while isn’t that bad because it does merit certain health benefits.
  2. Red Wine
    Another surprise is red wine. Again, in very strict moderation, there are some health benefits to red wine. As long as you aren’t consuming a lot, you can gain some benefit from its tannins and other antioxidants. Some studies even suggest that red wine could help prevent plaque due to the grape seeds having certain properties.
  3. Black Coffee
    The final treat is black coffee. What links dark chocolate, red wine, and black coffee is that all three contain tannins and the same antioxidants that help break down bacteria that causes plaque. The coffee bean contains chemical compounds that help with the break down just mentioned. However, black coffee is only beneficial if it’s just that: black coffee. Do not add any cream or sugar because they will actually inhibit the benefits that the coffee would otherwise dispense.
  4. The Key?
    Now you must be thinking that there is no way that these three things are good for my teeth. You are half right. Just by looking at dark chocolate, black coffee, and red wine you can easily see that they can stain your teeth. That’s because they can and your dentist rather err on the side of caution and suggest you stay clear of them. So, listen to your dentist when it’s best to avoid these treats. If you just whitened your teeth or had some dental surgery, take a break from them for a bit.

Remember, the key is to have all these in moderation. As with anything, make sure to brush or rinse out your mouth after enjoying them. Check out more of our helpful blogs here! Also feel free to contact us for an appointment.


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