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4 Signs That Might Mean You Need a Root Canal

Your dentist in Tampa will be the first to debunk the myth surrounding root canals. Many people believe that they are painful and that they would rather have anything else done to them. The reality is quite different. A root canal is a procedure that will actually alleviate your pain. So, speak with your dentist in Tampa if you are in need of one, instead of Googling unqualified sources. Here are four signs that it might be time for a root canal.

You Need a Root Canal

  1. Large Fillings
    Large fillings can be an indicator that a root canal may be necessary. If there is a great deal of decay, a large filling will be required. When a filling is large, then it can do quite a number of things. It could affect your tooth and actually require the procedure to be done immediately. It also acts as a warning sign that your tooth is in need of a root canal because the decay is quite deep. So if your dentist in Tampa mentions to you about your tooth requiring a large filling, prepare yourself.
  2. Heavy Decay
    It’s important to stay on top of your oral care. Cavities that are left untreated can turn into bigger problems. These can cause deep decay that will cause massive amounts of pain and even the loss of your tooth. Catch this early on so that you won’t be in extreme pain and won’t be in need of a more serious procedure, like a root canal.
  3. Repeated Dental Work
    Another big sign that you may need a root canal is if you have repeated dental work done on the same tooth. If you fill your tooth but have cracks, then that tooth will need to be filled again. This can lead to cavities flaring up again and add new decay to that tooth.
  4. Cracks
    Any distress or trauma to your teeth can make it necessary for a root canal to be needed. If the damage is extensive, or has extended to the pulp, then the procedure will be needed to repair the damage. Remember, the procedure is meant to help your teeth once extensive damage has been done. It will help you feel much better and will ensure that further damage is prevented.

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