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5 Fun Facts About Your Teeth

Teeth are important. Just ask your local Tampa dentist. You use them every day; from chewing, to speaking, to even smiling. But teeth also have some cool facts that you might not have known about. Make your dentist in Tampa proud with these great factoids.

Facts About Your Teeth in Eye Of  Dentist in Tampa

Fun Facts About Your Teeth

History of Teeth
Toothbrushes have actually been around for thousands of years. Our ancestors chewed on twigs and used the frayed ends to brush their teeth. The ancient Egyptians even had a remedy for polishing their teeth! By the late 1930s we started to see the modern toothbrush with all those bristles. A decade or two later, we are introduced to the electric toothbrush. Now you don’t have any excuses to tell your local dentist in Tampa why you didn’t brush!

Teeth Have Stories
Bet you didn’t know that your teeth can say a lot about you. Scientist can study your teeth and find out your age, what you eat and drink, and even your geographical location. Your teeth are basically a mobile health/personal history report. Let’s hope you aren’t a secret agent that gets caught.

Even if some of your teeth look similar, they aren’t. No two teeth are the same, and that includes your baby teeth and permanent teeth. They also differ across people too! Your teeth really are unique to you.

Teeth Blueprint
Did you know that your teeth were always waiting to pop out? When we are babies, our baby teeth are already formed under our gums. Once they come in, the adult teeth are already forming under them.

Between the Lines
Remember the saying read between the lines. Well brushing your teeth is kind of like that too. It’s easy to brush the top, bottom, and sides of your teeth. But you really need to get in-between them for a proper cleaning. Make sure to remove the food and bacteria hiding in-between your teeth. You will keep those teeth and gums healthy with a little extra care.

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