6 Reasons to Sleep with a Night Guard

6 Reasons to Sleep with a Night Guard

6 Reasons to Sleep with a Night GuardDon’t be alarmed if your dentist in Tampa recommends that you sleep with a night guard. In fact, there are excellent reasons why you’ve received this recommendation. A night guard can help prevent you from grinding and clenching your teeth at night, experiencing associated jaw pain, and having many more consequences from bad nighttime habits.

By wearing a night guard you will have stopped grinding and protect your teeth. Call it a mouth guard or teeth guard—having that protection during your deep sleep is essential for a healthy mouth and jaw.

It’s time to put your oral health first. Check out some of the reasons why you will thank your dentist in Tampa for recommending that you start wearing a night guard while you sleep.

  1. Reduce Pain
    Night guards are custom fitted for your teeth. They will actually help reduce the amount of tension and stress that your jaw absorbs—thereby protecting your teeth while you sleep.
  2. Reduction in Headaches
    Wearing a night guard will actually help in preventing headaches for people with TMJ, which are problems associated with your jaw muscles and joints. If you have noticed that you tend to have some teeth clenching while sleeping, ask your dentist about wearing a night guard to help mitigate the pain.To clean your night guard, you’ll simply need to boil it in hot water to disinfect the germs. It’s as simple as boil and bite!
  3. Helps to Prevent Tooth Damage
    As mentioned earlier, wearing a night guard can help protect your teeth. Grinding your teeth while you sleep or clenching your teeth can be very detrimental to their livelihood. Excessive wear will damage the enamel of your smile and create problems. Let the plastic wear down, not your teeth. Dental guards for sleep may be just what you’re looking for. Don’t let clenching your teeth destroy that great smile of yours!
  4. Better Sleep
    You read that right. Wearing a night guard will actually help you sleep better. This is because your night guard will actually help relax your muscles and therefore place less stress on them.Oral care can begin with a simple oral appliance such as a mouthguard for sleep. Ask your local Tampa Dentist for your options.
  5. Cost Savings
    Think about the cost of repairing your damaged teeth from grinding. Over a long period of time, this will add up and be very costly. You can look forward to costly dental procedures if you ignore this problem. So, do yourself a favor now and save yourself the heavy costs, both monetary and non-monetary.If you’ve decided to purchase a night guard, many brands will offer a money back guarantee if you haven’t seen the results you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to buy, just dive right in for that healthy mouth and jaw!
  6. Snoring
    This will probably put a huge smile on anyone’s face that has to live with your snoring. Snoring can drive people crazy. Your night guard can actually help you breathe better while you sleep, thereby preventing you from snoring. Try it out: your family will love you for it!

Ask for the Assistance You Need

We often ignore our dental problems because we don’t want to face the reality of them or hope that one day, they will seemingly go away. Some oral issues, like TMJ, don’t seem to go away overnight and without the appropriate oral care, can worsen over time.

If you need medical advice for the pain teeth can cause when problems arise, give North Pointe Dental Associates a call.

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