The Advantages of Dental Implants

Have you heard of dental implants? Dental implants often referred to as replacement teeth, are an amazing cosmetic dentistry service that is offered at North Pointe Dental Associates. If you have suffered issues with your gum tissues or feel the need to have a tooth replacement, it’s time to begin considering whether dental implants are the right treatment plan for you.  

Unfortunately, there has been a major incline in tooth loss in the United States, whether due to gum disease, tooth decay, or injury. Dental implants act as a replacement tooth root. Once the implants are inserted in the patient’s mouth, it gives them a structure for removable or permanent teeth. This type of implant is ideal for someone who is looking to have the look, feel and function of real teeth while replacing their lost ones.

Why Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are specially matched implants to go with the patient’s natural-looking teeth. Dental implants haven’t been around forever, but they are something that is becoming extremely popular!  

More importantly, there are many advantages to dental implants. As of late, appearance seems to be everything and looking your best is something everyone wants to achieve. Dental implants enhance one’s appearance and create confidence within the patient. Implants are very natural and eventually meld together to become permanent.

In addition to advantages of dental implants, one will also notice improved comfort, speech, oral health, easier eating, convenience, and durability. Every dental implant is different, and by saying that, rates of success vary. A major reason why they vary is because of the placement of the missing teeth and where the implants will be inserted in the jaw. However, if the implants are successful, they are known to last a lifetime.

When it comes to who can get dental implants, it is pretty much everyone that is in good health. These patients need to have healthy gums, enough bone, and overall good oral hygiene. In some cases, it would be necessary for heavy smokers, people who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, or radiation therapy to be evaluated individually by their Tampa cosmetic dentist.

Work with North Pointe Dental Associates to identify a dental implant treatment plan for you

If you need more advice when it comes to your oral health, feel free to contact the North Pointe Dental Associates at (813) 961-1727! Our experienced dentists will be happy to help you have healthy teeth. Oral health and preventive dentistry will help your overall health!

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