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Are YOU Brushing Correctly?

This may seem like a no brainer. But let’s just make sure you can make your dentists here in Tampa proud. We put together a little guide on how to treat those pearly whites right. Just follow these simple tips and walk proudly into your dentist’s office here in Tampa. Show those teeth off and make them happy!

Keep Your Teeth Healthy by Brushing Correctly

So what is the correct way to brush? The general consensus is that it should take at least two minutes to brush. If you are reading this shaking your head, you aren’t alone. Most people do not brush anywhere near that number. However, try to make an effort and see if you can reach that two minute mark. Our team of dentists here in Tampa also wants to make sure that you are BRUSHING not weed whacking. Use short, gentle strokes. Take extra care to the gumline and your back teeth. Don’t forget to clean both sides of your teeth! Also make sure to brush that tongue to freshen your breath.

You may become overwhelmed with which toothpaste or toothbrush to use. Have no fear. When looking for a toothbrush, try to find a soft-bristled brush. You want to be able to remove as much plaque and debris from your teeth as possible. A small-headed brush is more preferable since it can get to all those hard to reach spots. You can also try an electric toothbrush as well. Now toothpaste might be a little bit trickier. But the solution is simple; ask your dentist. Today there is such a wide variety of toothpaste that can help with many conditions. So don’t be afraid to ask!

Another thing we might all be guilty of is neglecting our toothbrushes. Try to replace it about every three months or when it starts to show wear. Also make sure to change your toothbrush after having a cold. You don’t want to get sick again! Last but not least, try to floss your teeth. You will see all the debris that was trapped between your teeth.

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