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10 Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

October is the National Dental Hygiene Month! This month is about celebrating our dental hygienists and all their efforts toward providing the best services possible to keep your teeth healthy. Day-to-day, they continually strive to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of oral health care to all of their patients.

Our team of experts at the North Pointe Dental Associates often gets asked a variety of question. The most common ones regard different practices to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and how to identify if the gums are healthy. This is why we’ve identified 10 best practices for healthy teeth, healthy gums, and a bright white smile.

Brush before going to bed

Everyone is well aware that dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day. At times, it may be easy to forget about brushing before bed, especially if you’re facing a long day and you’re feeling exhausted. Yet, it’s important to be aware that brushing at night is one of the most important times to brush. This is because brushing at night allows us to get rid of the germs and stains we accumulate during the day.

Brush properly

The key to having healthy teeth is the way you brush them. Don’t do brush aggressively! Be gentle and use circular motions to remove plaque. Don’t forget to brush your tongue as well.

Utilize fluoride

It’s recommended that you use toothpaste that contains fluoride because it’s the mineral that can stop tooth decay. Its role is to slow down the bacteria and make your teeth more resistant.

Flossing is important

Don’t neglect the importance of flossing. It is as significant as brushing. Flossing isn’t just for removing tiny pieces of food between the teeth but also for stimulating gums, avoiding gum disease, reducing plaque and helping lower inflammation in the area. Brushing and flossing should be incorporated into your everyday routine.

Use mouthwash

Most people don’t use mouthwash because they don’t know what it really does to their teeth. The truth is that mouthwash has a number of beneficial factors such as reducing acid in the mouth, re-mineralizing the teeth and cleaning the areas that are hard to brush.

Eat crunchy vegetables and fruit

Get your jaws working! Yes, larger pieces of fresh vegetables and fruit are so beneficial for your teeth. We recommend you start avoiding overly mushy processed food. It’s important to start from a young age – so parents, make sure to give your kids hard-to-chew food.

 Avoid sugary and acidic food

Your tooth enamel is in danger as it erodes if you eat too much sugary food or sticky candies because sugar turns into acid in your mouth. These acids are responsible for cavities.

Drink water

Water is the very best drink you can have and it’s widely beneficial for your overall health. Our advice is to drink water after every meal since it will help wash out the negative effects that food and drinks have.

Wear armor

Accidents happen and wearing mouth armor can prevent injuries and save you from paying for expensive dental care procedures. Also, if you’re someone who grinds their teeth at night, consider wearing a mouth guard to keep your teeth sharp.

See your dentist at least two times a year

Even if you feel like your teeth couldn’t be healthier or brighter, it’s essential that you schedule an appointment with your dentist at least twice a year. Your dentist can foresee potential problems that may occur in the near future and offer the best solutions for your smile.

The North Pointe Dental Associates team in Tampa can offer you healthy teeth whitening that will turn your average smile into a dazzling pearly white sensation. Good oral hygiene is essential! For healthy white teeth, visit your dentist at North Pointe and call us at (813) 961-1727. Let us help you!

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