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Should I change my smile?

Believe it or not, this question is more common than you think “Should I change my smile”?. Many individuals struggle with liking the appearance of their smile and end up feeling hesitant to smile with their teeth showing.

If you’ve been struggling with your smile’s appearance, it’s time to get the cosmetic help you need to feel confident again. Our solution: porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are designed to cover the front surface of your teeth to give you a beautiful smile. They are thin, small and custom-made shells made from colored materials. By applying veneers to your teeth, you can quickly fix long-term damage and the appearance of your smile.

Below, we’ve listed 4 reasons why veneers would be the perfect solution to your teeth dilemma:

Worn down teeth

Over time, especially as you age, grinding or clenching your teeth on a daily basis can significantly damage your tooth structure.

If you’ve encountered an issue with worn down teeth, veneers will help stabilize your smile again. It’s important to note that without re-stabilizing your smile after your teeth have been worn down, matters can significantly get worse. Avoid future dental costs with fixing your teeth as soon as possible.

Discolored or stained teeth

Whether you are a smoker, a heavy drinker of teeth-staining drinks like coffee, tea or soda, or have had excessive fluoride, your smile can eventually darken in color.

Yet in some cases, teeth whitening products do not do the trick. If you’ve struggled with teeth whitening or the darkened color of your teeth, veneers will immediately restore your smile again.

Gaps in teeth

Gaps between your teeth can impact your self-confidence. Often times, we notice that individuals with gaps between their teeth tend to avoid smiling or laughing. This can become strenuous on their relationships and on their self-confidence as well.

Veneers will quickly fix gaps between teeth or the uneven shape of teeth that may be caused by minor alignment issues. In just a few visits, you’ll be able to smile confidently again!

Chipped or cracked teeth

Accidents happen all of the time. Unfortunately, some of these accidents can lead to broken, chipped or cracked teeth. Should I change my smile

If you’ve experienced a chipped tooth, veneers will quickly fill in for the missing tooth structure and restore your smile.

Get Veneers with North Pointe Dental Associates

While most dentists in Tampa are qualified to fit veneers, few offer the experience and passion as our team at North Pointe Dental Associates! Call us for an appointment at 1-813-961-1727!

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