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Why Your Child Should Wear a Sports Mouth Guard

Your child likely already wears a mouth guard if they are playing football, but it is highly beneficial to wear for all sports, and even activities at home such as riding your bike. Whether you have your Tampa dentist make a custom mold or you buy a do-it-yourself kit from the local pharmacy, this can keep your child’s teeth safe. Start encouraging your children to wear their Sports mouth guard as soon as they start playing sports or activities, no matter how young. A mouth guard can save you expensive, emergency visits to your Tampa dentist, and here is why.

Why Sports Mouth Guard is Important

If your child is playing a contact sport or doing high-risk activities like skateboarding or riding a bike, a mouth guard cuts the risk for several types of injuries. Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth are some of the most common issues your Tampa dentist will have to treat if your child is not wearing a mouth guard. These can be costly repairs, especially if they are required to be done on your child’s baby teeth. If your child wears braces, this is another concern; sports could dislodge the wires, or the braces themselves, creating another expensive trip to the dentist. A mouth guard can also reduce damage to your child’s jaw; if there was a particularly forceful hit, they are unable to clamp down on their jaw as they would without a mouth guard.

If your child is regularly in sports or is very active, we always recommend getting a custom fitted mouth guard with your dentist. These will be molded to the specifics of your child’s mouth, making them the safest option. The next best option, that is far less expensive, is the boil and bite, which is much like it sounds. Available at your drug store, you boil the mold, let it cool for a few seconds, and have your child bite to make an at-home custom mold. Lastly, you can buy a generic sports guard that is not molded to the teeth, but rather just encases them. This can still provide protection, but will not fit as well and is likely to come loose.

As a parent, you know there are safety risks to most anything your child does. Why not reduce some of those risks by having them wear a mouth guard during physical activity to protect their mouth and teeth. Call us today to schedule a fitting for a custom mouth guard.

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