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Back to school- A clean and healthy mouth to start the school

As summer quickly ends and September approaches, the time for kids to return back to school also nears. The dentists at the North Pointe Dental Associates in Tampa would like to wish all students a happy, new school year!

Now, we have an important question to ask:  Will your child’s teeth receive the top grades this year? Tampa dentists are aware that during the morning rush, kids typically don’t spend enough time brushing their teeth. To add on to the problem, kids also grab a sugary snack on their way to school. The result? Tooth decay that begins at a very young age. However, fret not and breathe that sigh of relief because these problems are entirely avoidable.

Check out the following tips to learn about the right preventative measures you can take to ensure your child doesn’t incur dental issues.

Start early

As soon as your kid’s teeth start showing, you should begin brushing them every day. This is vital for their oral health. Consider making teeth brushing a family activity as this can be engaging for young children and also impactful. Not only will they have fun, but they’ll begin to understand the importance of having a healthy mouth if the whole family does, too.

Another suggestion is to make an appointment with your dentist in Tampa, just to ensure that everything is developing as it should. The dentist will provide you more tips on how to maintain your kid’s dental hygiene so you’re never left in the dark.

When do I brush my teeth?

At the very minimum, brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes is recommended. Our suggested time is once late at night and once more during the day. Parents should monitor their kids while they brush their teeth to oversee that they fully spend two minutes brushing and also that their child brushes in circular motions.

Let them choose their toothpaste

Allow your kids to select their choice of toothpaste flavor. Be mindful of the fluoride level in the toothpaste you select. Kids up to three years of age should use toothpaste with a fluoride level of at least 1000 parts per million. After three years old, they should use the ones that contain 1350-1500 ppm.

The right toothbrush

When choosing a toothbrush for your kid, opt for a small to medium sized toothbrush with soft to medium bristles. Your Tampa dentist would like to remind you to replace the toothbrush regularly! When the bristles become worn and after illness, replace the brushes immediately.

Food and drinks

Parents should teach their children what foods and drinks to put in their lunchboxes. They should avoid sugary drinks and too many sweets. Instead, pack vegetables, fruit, water or milk for a nutritious meal. However, if they really want to drink sugary drinks, tell them to use a straw. This will reduce the number of bacteria attacks on their teeth for a happy, clean and healthy smile.

If you are interested in learning more about us, then check out more of our helpful posts here. Also feel free to contact us for an appointment at (813) 961-1727. Don’t forget to keep smiling!

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