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Common Side Effects of Anesthesia

No matter what we put into our bodies, there is a chance of side effects on a varying scale. When your Tampa dentist provides anesthesia, whether general or local, your body may react differently. A reaction may not be a sign that anything is wrong, but knowing what to look for can prevent overreactions and keep your mind at ease.

Some Side Effects From Your Tampa dentist

On the lighter side, some of the side effects from your Tampa dentist providing anesthesia include things like vomiting or nausea from the medication itself. You may also experience confusion if you were given an IV, as you are typically put out for a few hours, leaving you unsure of the time or what has happened. If your Tampa dentist administered a local anesthesia for something like a cavity filling, you will likely experience temporary numbness surrounding the part of the face this was applied to. Depending on how much anesthesia was given, the time frame for this to wear off can be a few hours. Other symptoms include a swollen tongue, dry mouth, oral sores, and drooling, but these should all wear off as the medication leaves your system.

In very severe cases, the side effects from oral anesthesia can become more serious. If you ever experience anything such as delirium where you cannot remember things or frequently become disoriented, this is time to consult your doctor or dentist. If you run into difficulty breathing, tremors, or any heart rate irregularities, consult your doctor. For most patients, these symptoms subside, but if not you should always seek medical attention.

Anesthesia of all different levels is commonly used by dentists across the country. When used properly, there still may be side effects, so be sure to inform your dentist of all medications, previous surgeries, and other important information from your medical history to avoid any complications. If you have more questions about oral anesthesia, call us at North Pointe Dental today.

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