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Why and When You Should Contact Your Dentist For Dental Emergencies and Not The ER

Of course any real emergency should require a visit to the emergency room. However, dental emergencies are best dealt with by contacting your dentist in Tampa. Visiting the ER for dental emergencies can have some drawbacks that won’t necessarily solve your issue at hand. Check out the three reasons why you should contact your dentist in Tampa with any dental emergencies that you have, or when an ER visit may be necessary.

Visiting the ER for dental emergencies

  1. ER Costs
    Going to the ER for a dental exam is actually more expensive than going to your dentist in Tampa. Many people skip the dentist because they believe that it’s something they can’t afford. But, preventative dental care is actually cheaper in the long-run. Dental emergencies tend to be quite costly and can actually provide no relief when done through the ER. The money you saved by not going to the dentist will be eaten away instantly and then some.
  2. The ER vs. Dentistry
    Obviously the ER is not like going to the dentist’s office. Also, the chances of finding a dentist on call at an ER are pretty slim. If anything the ER will give you painkillers for temporary relief and just refer you to a dentist. Meaning, you will still need to see a dentist to solve the problem.
  3. When You Should Visit the ER
    If your dental emergency is a result of a trauma to the face, then absolutely go to the ER first. They will be able to treat your injuries that a dentist won’t be able to. Also, if you have an infection that has been lingering for quite some time, then it would be a good idea to go to the ER, since it could become life-threatening. It may be something that can easily be treated.

If you are experiencing pain, there are temporary solutions to mitigate your pain. But, it’s imperative that you contact your dentist ASAP so that they can get a look at the damage. Call your dentist to ask for any suggestions in the meantime while you wait to see them. Check out more of our helpful blogs here! Also feel free to contact us for an appointment at (813) 961-1727.

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