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The Dangers of Bleachorexia

A beautiful and bright smile is something most of us wish to have. Many people undergo different over-the-counter procedures in order to achieve this goal. There are different reasons why teeth become discolored over time including wine, coffee, soda, tobacco, and age. This is why people feel the need to whiten their teeth and bring back the pearly smile they once had.

Yet, have you ever heard about an obsession with whitening one’s teeth?! A word that is used to describe people who are obsessed with having an ultimately white smile is “Bleachorexia”.

Teeth whitening has become a big business over time. However, some people aren’t aware of the dangers of bleachorexia that can result to a bad impact on their teeth and oral health. Americans (mostly aged 40 to 60) spend billions of dollars for these dental procedures as well as on teeth whitening toothpaste.

What does excessive whitening do to our teeth?

Excessive whitening can cause a serious and long-lasting impact on your health. If you use over-the-counter products such as whitening gel, it may cause you to experience mild to moderate sensitivity. It is always important to ask your dentist whether you’re a good candidate for whitening procedure or not. Dentists are working hard to discover what may be the true dangers of bleachorexia- overuse of chemicals inside the whitening products.

Teeth whitening from a professional

Many people are afraid of teeth whitening at a dental office, worrying that it could damage their enamel and cause other health problems. Dentists at the North Pointe Dental associates say that you have nothing to worry about because they will provide the best teeth whitening for you.

Our dentists will closely examine your teeth and the nature of your stains prior to recommending the most appropriate treatment. Our goal is to give you a white, beautiful smile in as little time as possible so that you can enjoy your white, healthy teeth. Depending on the level of whitening needed, we treat with either NiteWhite® ACP Teeth Whitening Gel, Zoom!®, or a combination of both.

How many times can we undergo the whitening procedure?

There are numerous studies that state that bleaching is safe if done once or twice a year. At the North Pointe Dental Associates we use the most sophisticated teeth whitening techniques to give you an even-colored, white smile as quickly as possible. Our cosmetic dentists will take care of you by reporting any side effects such as uneven whiteness, gum irritation, and bluish enamel. It will take a couple of weeks for these side effects to clear up, but only if you stop using the chemicals. However, often, people don’t stop when they should and it causes them to have more pain and uncomfortable side effects.

Bleachorexia is a no-no

If you’ve ever wondered how to whiten teeth, we advise you to turn to a professional cosmetic dentist or try harmless natural teeth whitening. If you’re looking for a professional dental service in Tampa, don’t hesitate to call the North Pointe Dental Associates today and schedule your appointment.

Call us at (813) 961-1727 or use our appointment request form so we can help you achieve the confident, bright smile you want today.

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