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Top Dental Procedures for Kids

Oral health can and does greatly affect the overall health both in adults and children. However, it is important to remember that kids are far more prone to tooth decay because of their developing teeth. In fact, by the age of two, about half of all American children have cavities. That number jumps to 70% by the time they reach third grade. Dental procedures for kids should be fun and fear free.

Top Dental Procedures for Kids

While this means that kids might be at a higher risk of developing illnesses related to poor oral health, the good news is that with proper dental care and preventive measures (like regular checkups and brushing and flossing), this needn’t be a reason for worry or panic.

Why do kids need regular dental visits?

Here are just a few of the most important reasons why children should go to dentists regularly:

  • To check for cavities and prevent tooth decay;
  • To reduce future dental problems;
  • For general oral health and hygiene teaching/practices that will last your child throughout their lives.
  • And finally, to get children used to the idea of regular dental visits so that they will know how important it is.

What are the most common dental procedures for kids?

There are many different dental procedures for kids. Some of the more common ones include fillings, root canals, teeth cleaning, and repairing cavities. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the most common dental procedures for kids at North Pointe Dental Associates, home to some of the best dentists in Tampa. Let’s dive right in.

Cavity fillings involve removing decayed areas from teeth with a drill or laser to expose healthy teeth beneath them which will be treated by adding in filling material.

Root canals – if a child has an infection or decay, then they might need a root canal which is intended to clear it up. This makes the tooth stronger and healthier again by removing the infected area of the tooth beneath the gum line.

Dental braces – sometimes it’s better to straighten your child’s misaligned teeth with the help of an orthodontist and metal wires or ceramic brackets. This process may take several months, but in the end, you will get perfect teeth.

Extraction – in some cases, the tooth may need to be removed. This is usually done if your child has an infected or severely damaged tooth and there is no other treatment option available.

Teeth cleaning – this process should take place twice a year with a dentist’s supervision.

Fluoride treatment – this procedure helps to prevent tooth decay.

Sealant – children with deep grooves in their teeth may benefit from getting a dental sealant that will protect the enamel.

Emergency dental – this procedure is necessary in case of toothache or injury. It will help save your child’s tooth until you can visit a dentist for permanent treatment.

In the end, childrens’ dental procedures vary depending on their age and individual needs. There are many different options available to you as a parent so make sure that your child is comfortable before making any decisions!

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