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10 Dental Tips for the Holidays

Holidays are almost here and those delicious foods are waiting for you and keeping these dental tips for the Holidays will keep your smile even after eating. It’s not an easy task to stay healthy during holidays because all sorts of sweets appear everywhere you look.

No matter how much you like visiting your dentist, they aren’t the individuals you’d like o spend the holidays with. So, to help you keep your bright and healthy smile during the party-filled season, read these 10 dental tips for the holidays.

Eat healthy foods

During holidays you get the opportunity to socialize with your friends and family and, of course, eat delicious meals. Although it’s fine to permit yourself to enjoy various meals that you might not eat for the next twelve months, you should also keep the balance with fruit and vegetables. We suggest carrot in particular! Your teeth will be thankful!

Avoid certain foods

Those delicious chewy, gummy, sugary, sticky and hard foods such as candy canes, ice cubes, chestnuts, or soft mint chews are all enemy foods of your teeth and gums. It’s extremely difficult to say no to all these readily available foods, but just try to imagine an expensive dental filling charge. It should be enough to deter you from consuming foods you know aren’t healthy for you.

Daily oral health care

It’s important not to stop practicing your good daily dental hygiene during holidays. Brushing and flossing twice a day may not be the fun part of the holiday season but surely the most necessary one.

Schedule checkup and dental cleaning

Although you might have all the best intentions and plans to follow the holiday tips for maintaining good oral health, you won’t be able to always brush your teeth, floss and gargle. This is the perfect reason to schedule your post-holiday cleaning and checkups.

Drink plenty of water

It’s no news that drinking plenty of water brings us different benefits. When you’re out and about during holidays, drinking water will help you feel and look fresh. It can freshen your breath and clean the freshly formed bacteria in your mouth.

Don’t open presents with your teeth

Teeth are great and useful for things such as chewing and enunciating. However, they shouldn’t be used as tools for opening presents because that can weaken the enamel and the edges of our teeth which can lead to cracking or breaking. 

Chew cinnamon gum

The cinnamon aldehyde is an ingredient found in cinnamon gum. It’s an essential oil which can hunt down and destroy cavity-forming bacteria. It will also keep your breath fresh for a longer period of time. Feel free to try that garlic-laden dip.

Choose the right beverages

One of the dental care tips is to choose light-colored or clear beverages. It’s true that wine has cancer-fighting antioxidants but it’s also true that it’s a tooth-stainer which can undo all the hard work and dental hygiene efforts form the past year.

Eat cheese

Adult beverages are known for having high acid content that affects your tooth enamel. If you don’t want to cut the fun, start eating cheese in between the sips because the cheese will neutralize the acid in your beverage.

Have teeth cleaning kit with you

This fun and hectic time of the year will potentially prevent you from taking good care of your mouth. Consider having to-go teeth cleaning kit you can take to parties and it will be a reminder for you to always take good care of your teeth and practice good oral hygiene. Don’t forget these dental tips for the holidays and keep your smile all year long.

Schedule your post-holiday check-up with North Pointe Dental Associates

North Pointe Dental Associates’ team wishes you happy holidays and we remind you to schedule an appointment for dental cleaning now. Call our dental office at  (813) 961-1727!

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