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Your Dentist and Sleep Apnea

Did you ever think about calling your dentist about snoring or sleeplessness? Maybe you should. Your oral health could be to blame and might actually be a sign of sleep apnea. Contact your dentist here in Tampa about this. Don’t forget that your dentist in Tampa could be the first medical professional to catch your sleep disorder.

How to Catch Your Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea causes breathing interruptions while you are asleep. They range in duration and occurrence. There are a number of reasons why these interruptions happen. But talking to your local dentist in Tampa can be the first step in dealing with it. One of the first signs of sleep apnea is tooth grinding. Dentists will often look for worn tooth surfaces and will be able to spot them out rather quickly. Tooth grinding can cause problems and will actually damage your teeth.

There are also other signs of potential sleep apnea. The size of your jaw, if your tongue has scalloped edges, or redness in the throat because of snoring. It’s important to check on these because sleep apnea is linked to more harmful diseases and conditions. If your dentist thinks that you have sleep apnea, they will most likely advise that you take a sleep study. This will allow a medical doctor to make an official diagnosis.

Here are a few things to ask to make sure you are on top of sleep apnea:

  1.  Should I wear a night guard? Buying a one size fits all night guard might not be beneficial. It’s advised that you use a custom-made guard. This can help reduce grinding and prevent tooth damage, cavities, and jaw pain.
  2. Is my periodontal disease linked with sleep apnea? It is possible that the grinding of teeth and sleep apnea could be the cause. Talk with your dentist to find out more.
  3. Do I have sleep apnea? One of the most common signs of sleep apnea is chronic snoring. Additional symptoms could be daytime drowsiness, dry mouth upon waking, sore throat, or waking up with a headache. If you experience any of these, consult with your dentist.

Feel like it’s time for a checkup? Contact us today about scheduling an appointment!

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