Dentists Advise that Normal Wear-and-Tear is Not Appropriate Justification to Receive Veneers

Dentists in Tampa Advice About Veneers

Although porcelain veneers in Tampa are a safe and effective way to improve tooth aesthetics and protect them from damage, the issue of cosmetic veneers has been seen as controversial in the past. There are some dentists who believe that porcelain veneers are overused for the purpose of improving the appearance of the teeth unnecessarily. When veneers are only used to make teeth appear straighter, a process that is also known as “instant orthodontics,” they may be more harmful for younger patients with already healthy tooth conditions, than just leaving the teeth alone. Most dentists in Tampa advise that normal, daily wear-and-tear is not appropriate justification to receive veneers, as the preparation process can damage up to 30% of the existing tooth surface. Additionally, after 10 years, up to 50% of the veneer may be gone or need repairing, resulting in the patient requiring more and more work over time. Although veneers gained much popularity through advertisement by celebrities with “perfect” smiles, this process may not be right justification to receive veneers for everyone.

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