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Dentures versus Implants

If you are one of the thousands of Americans who think dentures are a last resort, then you are in luck. Depending on the circumstances and your oral needs, you and your Tampa dentist can discuss if dental implants would work for you. Dental implants can be appealing for a number of reasons, though you shouldn’t write off dentures completely. If you are in need of a tooth replacement, ask your Tampa dentist what your next steps should be, and go in to your appointment informed on your options.

Options of Dentures versus Implants by Tampa Dentist

So many patients believe dentures are just for elderly people who don’t have any teeth, but this just isn’t the case. Statistics show that people as young as 35 can be in need of dentures or some kind of tooth replacement depending on oral care and their Tampa dentist’s recommendations. Dentures are appealing because they are far less expensive than implants, though they do have a shorter lifespan. Lasting only about 15 years, depending on your age you will need to carefully weigh the cost savings with how many times you expect to have to get new dentures. Other factors to consider is usability; dentures are prone to slipping and give you less range of motion and chewing abilities. You should also note that dentures must be removed to be cleaned and cannot be worn while sleeping. To some this probably does not matter, but this is a huge factor that you don’t have to worry about with implants.

While implants are the more expensive choice, they provide a huge array of benefits. Implants can last up to 25 years, nearly 10 years longer than a pair of dentures, putting the additional cost more into perspective. You also don’t need additional products like cleaning solution of adhesive, reducing the cost of daily upkeep. They also look and feel like your actual tooth, and don’t provide any hindrance to chewing or jaw function. Implants are especially popular if you only have a few teeth to replace, while dentures can be an easier fix for a whole-mouth solution.

Each mouth and its needs are different, so we recommend learning what your options are and working with your dentist to determine what will be best for you. If you are considering implants or dentures, call us at North Pointe Dental to schedule your next appointment.

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