To eat chocolate, or not to eat chocolate, that is the question

Do you love to eat a piece or two of chocolate… or more? Almost all of us are guilty of doing that. Well, Tampa dentists don’t blame you. Who doesn’t like chocolate, after all? Dentists in Tampa have some pretty good news for you chocolate lovers: chocolate is not as bad as we used to think!

Dentists in Tampa say that chocolate consumption has its benefits. If we compare it to hard candy or lollipops, chocolate is way better because it dissolves easily and the sugar has less contact with your teeth.

Recent research conducted in the United States, England, and Japan suggests that dark chocolate is a serious cavity fighter.  The ingredients of dark chocolate don’t allow the bacteria in the mouth to start feeding on the sugars that cause serious problems when it comes to your oral health. This may suggest that dark chocolate is actually OK to eat. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

How is it possible that dark chocolate is OK to eat?

We are still exposed to sugar if we eat dark chocolate but, the compounds found in the cocoa bean husk, which is the primary ingredient of dark chocolate, help to prevent the effects of sugar. These compounds fight off bacteria that would typically feed on the sugar and cause damage to your teeth. There are certain studies that suggest that these compounds might be more efficient at defending against tooth decay than fluoride. However, more research is needed to test and prove this theory.

If you are craving chocolate, choose dark chocolate because it has less sugar. You should also follow a well-balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, grains and dairy products. All of these are good not just for your teeth but for your overall health.

Feel free to eat dark chocolate because eating chocolate is no longer ‘a guilty pleasure’. But, don’t forget to brush after! Also, don’t forget to have regular dental checkups.

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