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Electric VS Traditional Toothbrushes

It’s the toothbrush showdown you’ve been waiting for! In one corner is a newfangled gadget known as the electric toothbrush. Pitted against this modern marvel is an oldie but a goodie. Why yes, it’s the traditional toothbrush!

Who will reign as champion in the battle of electric vs traditional toothbrushes? Continue reading to find out…

Choose Your Toothbrushes

 Electric Toothbrushes

Generally speaking, motorized toothbrushes seem to be more fun for both adults and kids to use than the traditional variety. This quality can be used as a motivation mechanism for unwilling little ones who’d rather not brush their teeth.

Some of our aging seniors tend to lack the agility required in their hands to operate a traditional toothbrush. For these situations, an electric toothbrush will be of use since it takes care of the scrubbing for you. All you have to do is hold the brush in place.

Will all of their advantages, why isn’t everyone using electric toothbrushes?

The main reason has been cost. Although electric toothbrushes have become more affordable, the basic options still cost around ten times that of a traditional toothbrush. After your initial investment, you will need to replace your brush heads every three months. That’s just as often as you should be replacing a traditional toothbrush, but it costs around two to three times as much to do the same with your brush heads.

Traditional Toothbrushes

Don’t think the battle of electric vs traditional toothbrushes has been decided yet! The traditional toothbrush has its own unique advantages.

First off, manual toothbrushes are noticeably smaller than traditional toothbrushes and require neither batteries nor a charging base. This makes a traditional toothbrush ideal for travel.

Secondly, this type of toothbrush gives you more control over how you brush your teeth. You determine how much pressure to apply and where to direct it.This leads to a more comfortable cleaning experience for people with sensitive teeth or those who can’t handle the forceful vibrations of an electric toothbrush.

However, having more control isn’t ideal for everyone. Achieving a comprehensive cleaning with a traditional toothbrush puts more of the work on your shoulders. There’s no buzz to let you know when 120 seconds have passed. Additionally, you must expend more effort moving your toothbrush around.

No matter which option you choose, it’s essential that you follow a daily regimen for optimal oral health.

Which was your choice in the ultimate dental face off featuring electric vs traditional toothbrushes? If you need a second opinion, we’re always happy to oblige! Reach out to us directly at (813) 961-1727 or send us a message online or visit

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