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General Dentistry

Your health comes first and is something that everyone should take very seriously. A great place to start is with your teeth! Dental hygiene is a crucial part in one’s health, and is more serious than many people may think. General dentistry includes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of everything involving oral care. Dentists help prevent many types of diseases that affect the mouth, which includes the gums, jaw, and of course the teeth! The majority, if not all, Tampa dentists provide general dentistry right there in their office to help their patients maintain good oral hygiene.

General Dentistry

Tampa Dentists Opinion About General Dentistry

To go more in depth, general dentistry includes more than just the basic cleaning. It includes the initial visit and any type of testing that needs to be done. These tests may include CAT scans, x-rays, and wax molds for possible replacement teeth. A general dentist will include many treatments, such as fillings, bridges, dental crowns, dentures, dental cleanings, root canal treatment and oral and maxillofacial treatments. Every dentist office is different and some can offer more than just the basic treatments as listed above. The extended services that can be offered are lumineers, veneers, cosmetic bonding, and teeth whitening. With all these services, the main priority for every dentist is total prevention care for the patient.

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