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Good Oral Care Tips When Wearing Braces

It can be tricky to take care of your teeth when you have braces on. But, it’s important that you do. One of the first things to remember is that just because you have braces does not mean you should be skipping your dentist visits to your Tampa dentist. So, take good care of those teeth so that you won’t have any last effects once they are off. The last thing you want to do is give your Tampa dentist a heart attack. Take a look at some tips provided by our dentists in Tampa to ensure that you keep up good dental hygiene while wearing braces.

Tips While Wearing Braces

Now is not the time to slack on brushing your teeth; actually it’s never the time to slack! But, poor oral hygiene now can have some really nasty effects on your teeth and gums. Give your teeth extra care by brushing properly. Don’t let food and plaque accumulate around your braces. You might also want to think about getting a mini-toothbrush that can clean between the hard to reach areas of your braces.

Flossing & Rinsing
Flossing is pretty hard when you have braces in the way. But there are products that allow you to floss effectively. But you can still use good old string floss. Just make sure you floss after every meal to prevent plaque buildup. Also, don’t forget to rinse. The metal from the braces can cause some inflammation, so use mouthwash to keep those gums healthy. However,  make sure there is fluoride in order to prevent tooth-decay. Here’s a quick tip: rinse with water after eating or drinking anything sugary.

Prescription-strength Toothpaste
Some patients are more susceptible to developing cavities. Braces make it harder to clean and therefore sometimes require prescribed fluoride toothpaste in order to protect your teeth. Remember that cleaning your teeth while wearing braces is very important, so take extra care of them, especially if you want to prevent cavities from forming.

Dentist Checkups
Going to an orthodontist isn’t enough. You still have to go for regular cleanings! It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for you to go for cleanings during your time wearing braces. This will help prevent any surprises for when your braces come off. Checkups will also help to ensure that you are cleaning your teeth properly. Your dentist will be able to see how good a job you are doing and they can suggest some cleaning methods to help you with your dental care.

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