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The Horrors of Morning Bad Breath

We have all been there. You wake up with that deadly morning with Bad Breath and your family immediately runs away from you. Speak with your local Tampa dentist to see what you can do about that. It could be an easy fix that will save your family from tearing up in the morning. If you feel that it persists, again visit your local Tampa dentist and raise your concerns. In the meantime, let’s go over it.

Your dentist in Tampa may tell you that one of the most common reasons for this morning breath is because your mouth is dry. While you are sleeping, your production of saliva decreases and it can lead to bad breath. Think of it as when water stagnates. Without the flow or current, the water becomes a hotbed for bacteria.

There are some other causes as well. For example, medications can dry out your mouth and lead to you waking up with bad breath. Another cause could be smoking. Smoking already has a long laundry list of harmful effects, but it also dries up your saliva and makes your mouth a breeding ground for bad bacteria. Sickness and allergies can also be a reason for bad breath. When you have mucus dripping down your throat, it increases the likelihood of bacteria forming and causing an infection.

You can fight this morning breath! One of the best ways to do this is by brushing your teeth and tongue. Also, make sure you really are brushing. It may sound long, but you should be brushing for TWO minutes. Thirty seconds is not going to cut it. Also don’t eat anything after brushing. Go straight to bed in order to avoid bacteria from growing. Additionally, brush the back of your tongue before you go to bed too.

Horrors of Morning Bad Breath

Flossing and rinsing are equally important as well. Flossing is often ignored, but it is important because it can remove the food stuck between your teeth and gums that brushing won’t cover. Rinsing will then remove the odor but only for a short while. So be sure to rinse the full thirty seconds in order for it to be effective.

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