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How Invisalign Works

When you visit North Pointe Dental Associates, an Invisalign Tampa consultant, one of the doctors will take x-rays and impressions of your teeth to create a three-dimensional (3D) image of them. Doctors then take this image to identify any misalignments and create a plan of action for your treatment and explain how Invisalign works.

How Invisalign Works

Work of  Invisalign

The doctors are able to show you, step by step, how your teeth could shift throughout this process with this technology. Based on these images, the manufacturer of Invisalign, Align Technologies, creates a series of aligners specifically for your teeth.

Once your custom aligners are created, you will be invited back to North Pointe Dental Associates to ensure your aligners are comfortable and fit well. Over the duration of your treatment, you will wear a series of aligners in a specific order for two weeks at a time for twenty (20) to twenty-two (22) hours each day. Each aligner is made specifically to adjust your teeth in small increments. These small increments ensure that your teeth move into their proper position. You will also return to one of our doctors every six weeks, or as instructed, for routine check-ups throughout the course of your treatment. By the end of your treatment period, you will have a straight smile.

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