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2019 New Year’s Resolutions: New Year, New Smile

Here we are in 2019! It’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions and make a new smile for everyone. We all make them every year, but not all of us are persistent enough to follow through. However, this year, we suggest you focus on your health and make resolutions that will benefit you and impact your overall well-being. Below, we’ve listed a few New Year’s resolution ideas that you may want to consider in 2019:



Flossing is extremely important and if you haven’t practiced it earlier, 2019 is the perfect time to start. Make sure you use dental floss twice a day which will help you maintain healthy teeth and a lovely smile.


Update your oral care products

Dental hygiene is crucial, so are the dental care products you use to maintain your oral health. Check the cabinets and see if you have enough toothpaste, mouthwash, floss. Also, think about investing in tongue scrapers, if you haven’t already.


Unhealthy foods are a no-no

Bacteria in your mouth thrive off sugar you take when you eat unhealthy foods such as candy or when you drink soda. When you limit yourself with the foods you take, you will also lose some weight (which is great if that’s also one of your New Year’s resolutions).


Eat healthy food

After you’ve cut out unhealthy food, make sure you don’t forget to eat; healthy food should be the menu. While eating, saliva is being produced and it will help keep your mouth from drying out. Saliva is a natural mouth cleanser. When choosing what to eat, consider food high in calcium, fiber, and protein.


Drink water

Staying hydrated is another dental tip you should practice in 2019. If you have dry mouth, drinking water will help you produce saliva which in turn keeps your mouth free of bacteria. And your entire body will be thankful as well!


Quit smoking

We’re all aware of the negative effects smoking causes. However, some people aren’t being responsible towards their bodies and keep smoking nevertheless. If one smokes, their mouth is the first point of contact with the cigarette thus exposing their teeth to all the negativities of smoking. This year, make sure to avoid tooth decay and other dental issues. Choose a sugar-free gum as an alternative to smoking!


Keep regular dental appointments

Regular dental appointments will help you and your dental hygienist to monitor your dental health. Some dental problems don’t hurt in the beginning but only when it might be too late to save the tooth. While practicing good oral hygiene at home, your North Pointe Dental Associates’ dentist will ensure everything is working properly. Schedule your dental appointment at least twice a year.


Have fun

Happy people are healthy people. Smile as much as you can, show you perfect smile and have fun as much as you can. It will benefit your overall health.

The North Pointe Dental Associates’ team wishes you start this year with a healthy and happy smile!

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