North Pointe Dental has an In-house Dental Laboratory for Your Convenience

North Pointe Dental Associates is a patient oriented dental practice. With an operational foundation laid on principles of putting the patient first, North Pointe Dental Associates know first-hand that taking care of the patients first is more beneficial for everyone including the business. With providing proficient services in cosmetic and general dentistry since 1976, North Pointe has evolved as technology has evolved. The doctors and associates here believe that the best way to deliver the results patients desire, is to have customized treatment programs for each patient. In order to be able to deliver those customized results, there needs to be a constant flow of communication between all parties that are making the patient’s dream come true. Dr. Richard M. Kanter, a cosmetic dentist in Tampa, states that having the latest technology enables the doctors to provide better care for their patients. From digital films and computer programs to an in-house laboratory, staying innovative is essential to efficiency in dental care as well as expediting treatment faster, deeming faster results to a beautiful smile. Technology like having digital films, allow doctors to enhance the images to better identify dental issues. Today, North Pointe Dental Associates can also obtain images through x-ray with less radiation exposure to the patient, making it a safer practice. The digital films allow doctors at North Pointe to walk patients through a step by step visual of the proposed treatment plan to better inform the patients. This gives patients more confidence in the treatment program and a better understanding of what dental services are really needed to achieve their goals. Having the latest technology in-house at the dental office propels the level of services that North Pointe Dental can offer their patients.

North Pointe Dental Prefer Your Convenience

In-house Dental Laboratory

Comprehensive dental treatment programs require a team of individuals collaborating effectively, working together for the best quality products and services available.

Part of the evolution in how North Pointe Dental Associates bring this innovative and collaborative practice to the forefront is having an in-house laboratory for the patient’s convenience. It is very uncommon for a dental practice to have their own in-house laboratory. This asset makes things easier on the doctors and staff in addition enables the lab techs to make a better, more custom tailored product. Having the laboratory on premises cuts down on the amount of time it takes to put a product from concept into completion by omitting the time it takes to transport the products. Often times, once a product is normally received it may need adjusting to suit the patient more efficiently. By having the lab there at North Pointe Dental, the wait is also minimized. With the laboratory, in-house, it also enables the collaboration between doctors and lab techs when creating the products needed. Each party can advise and clarify what is needed, making any modifications as they go.

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in Tampa, the doctors and experts at North Pointe Dental Associates are sure to put your mind at ease, and gain your confidence in their abilities, skilled expertise, the variety of innovative services, and make you feel welcomed as they have had an outstanding rapport with their patients for over 30 years. It’s no wonder why North Pointe Dental Associates are in high demand. Going to an office where you don’t feel like a number, but experience a practice that genuinely cares for their patients is reason enough to choose North Pointe. However, feeling confident in the treatment programs and having the latest technology available to receive the best care possible seals the deal. North Pointe Dental Associates’ team works together to achieve your beautiful smile goals. Offering services from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, North Pointe Dental Associates are a leader in the Tampa area dental industry. What are you waiting for? Call us and schedule an appointment today! Take a step closer to having the smile you have always wanted.


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