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Why Not Flossing is Not Good

How many of us get told that we need to floss more? It seems like with every visit to the Tampa dentist, there’s a “everything looks good, but you should floss more” comment made. Flossing can really seem like such a pain and you might think it’s no big deal to skip the flossing, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Forgetting to floss every once in a while, can lead to a new habit of not flossing all together. Your Tampa dentist recommends flossing for a reason and we’re here to break it down for you.

Why Flossing Can Help Your Teeth Health

For the most obvious reason, flossing is great at getting pesky food out of those hard to reach places. In between teeth or stuck in the gums, food can get trapped so deeply that normal brushing won’t dislodge it. When this happens, the food begins to attract bacteria, which causes a whole slew of problems. When the body senses bacteria, it begins to fight; in your mouth, this may look like sensitive, swollen gums, or in serious cases, tooth decay and loss. This is also a large culprit behind halitosis, so your Tampa dentist may recommend flossing as a way to combat that issue.

You may have done your research and seen that more recent studies claim flossing has no true health benefits, but your dentist will likely still encourage you to do so. The areas of the mouth that targets are not easily cleaned with a tooth brush, so this step will keep your oral health in good shape. The key to flossing is to not be too tough; avoid going back and forth over and over again on your gums. This saw-like motion can damage your gums and lead to other problems down the road. For those that wear braces or permanent retainers, ask your dentist in Tampa to get special flossers to assist in the flossing process; these will allow you to fish underneath the wires and get all the hard-to-reach crevices of your mouth.

Flossing can be seen as a slightly gross, pesky part of the oral hygiene routine, but it definitely pays off. Keeping your gums healthy means you have less fear of tooth decay, gum disease, or cavities. Want tips on healthy teeth? Call us at North Pointe Dental today!

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