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Pregnancy and Dental Health

During a pregnancy, the body will go through a lot of changes. This can also impact your oral health. So, if you have any concerns, speak with your dentist in Tampa. They can help you understand the changes that you may be experiencing. Your dentist in Tampa can also explain how your surging hormones affect your gum tissue and plaque. However, don’t be too alarmed. These are temporary changes that will disappear once the baby is born. Here are five things you should be aware about pregnancy and dental health.

  1. Your Gums
    Many pregnant women will experience what is called “pregnancy gingivitis.” Again, it will go away once the baby is born. But if it still persists, then call your dentist in Tampa to schedule an appointment. Also, if you already had gingivitis, then it will only worsen during the pregnancy.
  2. Prevention
    Now is not the time to slack on oral care. It’s extremely important to properly clean your teeth while you are pregnant. Make sure that you focus on keeping your gum-line clear so that you can prevent plaque from building up. Also, keep in mind that you may need more cleanings while you are pregnant. Additionally, don’t let morning sickness get in the way of your routine. Try using mouthwash with bacteria-fighting properties.
  3. Your Baby’s Health
    Your gingivitis won’t hurt your baby, but it might result in premature labor. The research behind this believes that the excess bacteria in your gums can seep into your bloodstream and make its way down to the uterus. This then triggers a chemical that causes premature labor.
  4. Dentist Visits
    Make sure to visit your dentist during your first trimester. This will allow your dentist to check on your oral health and to lay out a plan for the rest of your pregnancy. They can help you prevent any dental mishaps by monitoring your teeth during the pregnancy.
  5. Dental Work
    That being said, non-emergency procedures are generally safe while pregnancy and dental health are mix. Emergency work should be consulted with a doctor as well, in order to ensure that you and the baby are safe.

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