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Preparing for Oral Surgery

If you are preparing for oral surgery, you probably have a list of questions and worries. It’s important to voice these concerns with your dentist in Tampa. They can help you understand the process and help put you at ease. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the procedure. Our dentists at North Pointe Dental Associates in Tampa strive to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible before any procedure. Take a look at some tips on what to expect and how to be ready for when your dentist in Tampa performs oral surgery on you.


Find out ahead of time what kind of anesthesia will be administered. If it is only a local anesthetic, then that is good to know. If your procedure is more extensive and requires sedation, then plan ahead for it. That because a local anesthetic won’t impair your driving skills. If you are sedated, then you should have someone accompany you to the dentist office. They can make decisions on your behalf and can drive you home once the procedure is done.


Your dentist will ask you about your medications before your surgery. The reason for that is so that you can stop any that might interfere with the surgery. A common one is blood thinners. However, make sure to check with your doctor about this before moving ahead with the surgery.


Once the procedure is complete, your level of recovery could differ. If your surgery was more invasive than making sure you are comfortable and well rested. Have extra pillows on your bed! Make sure you have books, magazines, or TV to keep you busy while you recover. Buying these ahead of time will help you better prepare! Also, this should be obvious but do not smoke while recovering from your surgery. This can cause serious damage to the recent procedure area.

Also, prepare by having ice packs in case of swelling. It is also a good idea to have salt water nearby as you’ll probably need to rinse out periodically. If you need to take medication as a result of the procedure, make sure you have someone that can refill it if necessary.

Finally, be careful about what you eat. Plan to eat soft food like soup, yogurt, or ice cream. Avoid hard food, especially popcorn or nuts! You’ll want to do this for a few weeks after the procedure, just in case.

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