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Preparing for Oral Surgery

The idea of surgery can strike fear in many patients. For those considering oral surgery, this potentially unknown area of your body can seem overwhelming. Any surgery can send you into a panic, but oral surgery doesn’t have to be one of them. If your Tampa dentist suggests oral surgery, don’t be afraid to ask questions so you can be fully prepared. Asking for help and making sure you’re prepared can make the surgery and recovery go smoothly and help assuage any of your fears.

How You Can Prepare Your Self For Oral Surgery

It is important to ask any and all questions prior to surgery. Ask your Tampa dentist about things such as the protocol for eating prior to surgery. For some surgeries, including those during which you will be sedated, an empty stomach is required. Be sure to cover this with your dentist to avoid rescheduling surgery the day of due to a large meal beforehand. Once you are ready for surgery, consider things like comfortable clothes and driving arrangements. Talk to your Tampa dentist to see if you will be incapable of driving post-operation. You will want make sure you have someone who can drive you and get you settled at home, or make a plan to wait in the waiting room until you are capable of driving.

Preparing yourself mentally and physically for oral surgery is important, but preparing your home can be just as crucial. You will most likely have a specific diet to abide by, so go shopping ahead of time to make sure you can relax and recover with ease. If you will have any medications, consult with your dentist to get them filled quickly. Go over all procedures for cleaning and dressing any areas in your mouth after surgery. Your dentist will likely have instructions to follow so go over these and ask any questions prior to surgery.

Oral surgery, like any other procedure, can be stressful. Ask your questions and be informed so the process can be as painless as possible with a smooth recovery. Call North Pointe Dental today to discuss any your oral surgery needs.


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