Pulpotomies are usually done on primary teeth, but in some cases, they can be done on permanent teeth. A pulpotomy removes part of the infected pulp from the crown of a tooth due to tooth decay.

What is Pulpotomy

It is very important that you keep a look out for cavities and go in for a check up as soon as you feel any discomfort or sensitivity in your teeth. If a cavity is not treated immediately, it becomes bigger and bigger and soon starts to affect the pulp and pulpal tissues around it. This is when the cavity becomes painful, and if not treated properly it can form an abscess, which can lead to very serious complications.

It is important to correct an infection and tooth decay before the pain becomes unbearable, and it will only get worse if not treated. Eventually, it’ll get to a point where chewing becomes a struggle. It is very important that you alter your diet and dental care plan in order to avoid more cavities if this problem seems to come up frequently. You should eat healthy, sugar-fee foods and also brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. For more information on pulpotomies, visit our website at North Pointe Dental Associates and come on in for a consultation with one of our Tampa dentists to talk about your options.

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