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Do You Really Need to Brush your Tongue?

For most of us, brushing our teeth twice a day and flossing are a natural and regular part of our days. We listen to our Tampa dentist and have good hygiene habits to avoid oral health problems down the road. Have you ever wondered about your tongue? Ever drank something that turned your tongue a different color that wouldn’t go away? Brushing your tongue is an important, though sometimes forgotten, part of maintaining your oral health with your Tampa dentist.

Oral Health With Tampa Dentist

Everything we eat and everything we drink runs across our tongues: from your morning coffee to your onion-filled dinner. Cleaning the tongue needs to be a regular part of your routine so it doesn’t get covered with bacteria. In fact, most of the bacteria that is ever in your mouth resides on your tongue, so if you don’t thoroughly clean it, it can easily transfer onto your teeth and gums. Not sure how to brush your tongue? Have your Tampa dentist demonstrate at your next cleaning, and follow these easy steps.

Always make sure to brush away from the back of your mouth, so you don’t push the bacteria and build-up into your throat. Take a toothbrush, tongue cleaning tool, or even a spoon and scrape the tongue to remove anything residing there. Use gentle, but firm pressure to make sure you are getting everything off of the tongue, rinsing your device in between so you don’t smear it back onto the tongue. Once you are finished, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash to get rid of anything loose in your mouth and to get rid of any smells. If you do this once a day, you can help reduce bacteria that gets onto your teeth and gums.

Cleaning your tongue seems like a weird, unnecessary part of your oral routine, but it can actually reduce cavities and gum disease if done properly and on a regular basis. Want to learn more about how to brush your tongue? Contact us at North Pointe Dental to schedule your next visit.

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