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Recovering from Oral Surgery

If your Tampa dentist has recently told you that you need oral surgery, you have likely started searching the web to find out anything you can. Most oral surgeries are out-patient, meaning you have the procedure in the office and can go home afterward. Without an extended stay in a hospital or doctor’s office, the recovery process may look slightly different than other surgeries. Making sure you and your home are prepared will ensure a smooth and easy recovering from oral surgery and you’ll be back to yourself in no time.

Why You Need Oral Surgery

Prior to surgery, consult your Tampa dentist to go over their recommendations for recovery. This will likely include a list of medications, foods you can eat, and what to expect. This will give you an idea of what recovery will be like and what you need at home to keep yourself comfortable. Your Tampa dentist will provide things like gauze to help soak up any excess blood, but you will likely be responsible for getting your prescriptions or over the counter medications ready. You should ask your dentist what types of food you can eat during recovery. This may vary depending on the procedure you’re undergoing, so make sure you ask for each procedure. Chances are, you can’t use things like straws so think again on those ever-popular milkshakes.

Another big area of recovery will be hygiene. Keeping an incision clean can be hard enough when it isn’t in your mouth, so ask your dentist any questions you can think of to ensure you’re comfortable. Depending on your procedure, light brushing and flossing may be allowed as quickly as 24 hours post-operation. Rinsing your mouth out with water or a salt water mix can help keep your mouth clean and feeling fresh if you are unable to brush right away. Salt also helps the healing process, thus speeding up your recovery.

Lastly, avoid things like smoking, chewing crunchy foods, and using straws. You will need to get your rest, so if possible, schedule your oral surgery for a time when you can miss work. Set up your couch or bed with movies so you can lay down as much as possible. Take your medications regularly and don’t overdo it right after surgery and the healing process should be a breeze.

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