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Reasons to Schedule Your Six-month Teeth Cleaning

How often do you visit your dentist? How often is enough? Can you wait more than six-month teeth cleaning to visit your Tampa dentist? These are common questions that some of the best dentists at North Pointe Dental Associates in North Tampa get from their patients on a regular basis. These Tampa dentists have provided advice below about regular dental checkups to help you keep those pearly whites in great condition.

Most importantly, make appointments with your North Tampa dentist for biannual checkups. Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly and do not feel any pain or discomfort, you should make sure you visit your dentist every six months. It is easy to postpone your visits if there are no warning signs, though you know you should visit your Tampa dentist at least twice a year spread out six-month teeth cleaning apart. Here are the most important reasons you should make it a habit:

1.Catch and stop gum disease early on.

Cleaning your teeth every six months gives your dentist a chance to examine your oral health. Your dentist will use a mirror to examine your teeth and gums, reaching areas you can’t see in your bathroom mirror. Not only can the best Tampa dentists spot cavities, but they will also check for signs of gingivitis, inflammation, and other symptoms of gum disease.

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss, and having your oral health examined every six months will ensure you keep your teeth as you get older. The best North Tampa dentists also check for other issues, such as lesions and faulty fillings.

Six-month Teeth Cleaning

2.Prevent plaque build-up.

It doesn’t matter how diligent you are: when it comes to brushing your teeth and flossing, there is no stopping plaque from building up. Plaque is a colorless, sticky film that continues to grow on your teeth, especially around the gumline. It is difficult to spot, and it contains bacteria that can cause cavities, gingivitis, and other dental issues.

If left unattended for too long, plaque can harden into tartar. Tartar, also known as dental calculus, is yellow or brown and can cause receding gum lines or loose teeth. The dental hygienist uses a plaque scraper, a tool also called a dental scaler, to scrape off plaque that you could not remove by brushing your teeth to prevent tartar from forming.

Remember to leave plaque scraping to the professionals. It’s important you avoid using a plaque scraper at home, as it can damage gum tissue and cause bleeding. Leave the cleaning to the dental hygienists, who are trained specifically in using these tools safely.

Six-month Teeth Cleaning

3.Get your teeth polished.

After dental professionals scrape off the plaque from your teeth, they will clean your teeth with a gritty toothpaste and a rotating polishing tool. The toothpaste is slightly abrasive, which means it will remove any plaque and tartar that was not removed with the scaler. While this abrasive toothpaste is safe to use a few times a year, it is best to avoid them at home. Again, leave this up to dentists who are experienced in using abrasive products and know how to use them properly.

The best Tampa dentists at North Pointe Dental Associates focus on providing the best teeth whitening and teeth cleaning Tampa has to offer. Call today to schedule your appointment or get all your questions answered by their friendly staff: (813) 961-1727.

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