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Should I See a General Dentist or Specialist?

March 6 marks “Dentist’s Day” in the USA — a day where we can reflect on the many contributions of dentists and their highly detailed and comprehensive work. Whether you are a general dentist, dental specialist, or know one of the two, you’ll immediately recognize the value in the work that dentists do and how they quite literally shape the efficiency of teeth and mouths. Patients should know whether to see a general dentist or specialist is important.

Though all dentists make a difference, it’s important to know which dentists you should see depending on your dental concerns. Today, we will walk you through the difference between general dentist or specialist and their work so you can stay fully informed.

General Dentistry

Do you keep up with your bi-annual dental checkups? If the answer is “yes” (and we’re so proud of you if it is!) then you’ve visited your general dentistry.

General dentists are your primary care dental providers. They’ll manage your overall oral health and assist you with your primary dental needs. Some of the concerns that general dentists address include:

  • Preventative Dental Care
    ● X-rays
    ● Fillings
    ● Restorative Care
    ● Implant Restoration

Preventative Dentistry

We receive many questions in regards to preventative dental care so we’ll detail what preventative dental care is. Preventative dental care is the practice of keeping up with your dental health. The consistent care of your teeth prevents more serious dental issues from manifesting such as cavities, gum disease, and the wear of your tooth enamel.

During a visit with your general dentist, you will receive fluoride treatments, diagnostic x-rays, one of your bi-annual dental cleanings, and additionally, you’ll be screened for oral cancer.

Dental Specialists

Not all dentists are the same. Dental specialists are dentists who receive training in a specific dental speciality of their choice after they’ve obtained their general dentistry degree.
Below, we list a few areas of specialty that dental specialists work in.

Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist)

Endodontists are your teeth heroes because they also, quite literally, save your teeth! More often than not, endodontists diagnose issues with dental pulp and perform root canals when necessary.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral surgeons will take care of any issues related to the hard and soft tissues of your face, mouth, and jaw. They will typically perform more complex procedures such as tooth extractions (yes, even the dreadful removal of wisdom teeth), corrective jaw surgery, and cleft lip or cleft palate surgery.


Need braces? Orthodontists are who you want to see. An orthodontist corrects the positioning of your teeth and jaw. They’ll typically use braces, Invisalign clear aligners, palatal expanders, or headgear as part of the treatment plan.

Pediatric Dentists

These dentists specialize in a child’s oral health. You’ll typically bring your child to a pediatric dentist when they are an infant all the way through their teenage years.

Periodontists (Gum Specialist)

We stress the importance of preventative dentistry because it keeps you from developing gum issues and a visit to a periodontist’s office. Periodontists focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease and the structures that support the teeth.

Prosthodontist (Replacement Specialist)

Prosthodontists restore and replace lost or damaged teeth. Prosthodontists specialize in the following procedures: porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants, bridge repair, dentures, and reconstructive dentistry.

Full-Service Dentists

At North Pointe Dental Associates, we make dentistry easy.

Our dentists offer high-level expertise with over 40+ years of dental experience. We have over 400+ 5-star reviews and continue to maintain exceptional service for our patients.

Our teeth experts perform:
Dental crowns
Dental bridges
Dentures and Partials
Invisalign services
Sleep studies
TMJ/TMD appliances

With decades of experience, we use state-of-the art and cutting-edge technology of qualitative surgical instruments to perform our dental procedures. At North Pointe, we bring you nothing but the absolute best. If you haven’t already, meet our dentists.

Seeking dental assistance but don’t know where to start?

Your dental concerns are our concerns. Here at North Pointe Dental Associates, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you receive the dental guidance and assistance you need. If you have certain questions about dentistry or would like to make an appointment to work with your full-service dentists, get in touch. Call: (813) 961-1727!

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