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10 Signs You Have the Best Dentist

Choosing the best dentist is one of the most important parts of your regular dental hygiene regimen, but how do you know that you find the right one? After all, this is someone you will be seeing on a regular basis for dental check-ups, not once or twice. Not only should they be familiar with your history, but you should also feel comfortable around them and confident in their competence. Here are ten signs you have the best dentist to look for!

They Listen to You

You can have the very best dentist in Tampa Bay, but you won’t get far if they’re not a good listener. A great dentist will take their time to hear you out, whether you’re talking about a health issue you’re experiencing or voicing your concerns.

They Educate You

Let’s face it, many people will visit the dentist’s office only when the pain becomes unbearable, because it’s something we’ve all put off at one point or another, but visits to the dentist’s office shouldn’t be just emergencies. In fact, in addition to alleviating the pain and fixing problems, their job is to educate on dental hygiene and help you prevent problems. If they use terms such as anterior and posterior teeth without actually explaining what those are, it’s a red flag.

They Respect Your Time

One of the reasons why most people postpone going to the dentist is the thought of being left waiting for your dental exam in the waiting room and going through decade-old issues of golfing magazines. A great dentist will rarely if ever leave you waiting, and you want a dentist that’s punctual and respects your time.

Their Office is Clean

The next time you go for a dental check-up, make sure you pay attention to the cleanliness of your dentist’s office because things like old gloves and dirty hand-piece connectors and attachments or gingival retraction cords not stowed away are a major red flag. Are they using autoclaves to sterilize the equipment? There might be microscopic germs you don’t even see that will make you or your family sick without you even knowing. These will be the an important signs you have the best dentist.

They Don’t Try to Up-sell You

Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a dentist here, not a salesperson, and while there are expensive treatments and procedures, they should take your bottom line into consideration when suggesting treatment. Good dentists won’t try and up-sell you treatments and procedures you don’t absolutely need in your dental care.

They Will Take Their Time to Get to Know You

Many people experience irrational fear when even thinking about dentists, and being treated like you’re just another file on the shelf will not help you. This is why it’s important they take their time to get to know you, they will not only make you feel more at ease but also offer better patient care options that suit your medical history.

They Will Try to Build a Long-Term Relationship

If your dentist treats your visit as a one-off, you should consider another one, simply because best dentists will make you and your entire family feel recognized and appreciated. As a result, you will feel much more comfortable and even enjoy the experience. A friendly signs you have the best dentist and a better friend.

Best Dentists Follow Up

A part of building a long-term relationship will be following up with you after complex procedures. They should check up on you and see how you’re feeling after long or difficult procedures and make sure there are no complications. They will also schedule a new appointment if needed, and some dentists even send out reminders before appointments.

They Respect Their Employees

Not only do the best doctors care about patients, but they also respect and care about their employees, so you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the way they treat their staff, as it can give you a fairly good idea of their management style and character in general.

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