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5 Sure-Fire Signs You’re Dealing with a Good Dentist

On March 6th, we celebrated National Dentist’s Day. As dental hygiene and oral care play a large role in our lives, it’s important to note the significance of identifying the signs you’re dealing with a good dentist that can fulfill your oral health needs.

Below we’ve put together 5 sure-fire signs you’re dealing with a good dentist to help your smile journey!

They Come Highly Recommended by Friends & Family

More than likely, both your friends and family have a particular dentistry that they go to. Instead of searching online immediately to find the best dentist near you, consult with those closest to you to see who they trust as their family dentist. It’s easy to value third-party endorsements such as Google, Facebook, Bing and Yelp, where people leave their reviews and personal experiences of a business. Yet, there is no easy way to identify if those reviews are authentic. Entrust the advice of your friends and family before searching.

They Provide an Amazing Patient Experience

A dentist that deserves your time is going to care about your experience. Every moment, whether it’s the initial contact or the post-treatment follow-up care says something about the dentist’s professionalism and care. Considering how you feel while stepping into the dental clinic as well. Is the staff both communicative and helpful? This is an important part of your dental journey.

They’re Spotless

The last thing you could hope for upon entering your dentist’s office is that it’s anything less than spotless. If you want your teeth to feel cleaner than they’ve ever felt before, you have to go to a dentist who cares about cleanliness. If you notice that there is equipment stored in a dirty drawer, you should immediately interpret that as a red flag. Both dentists and their dental assistants should wear gloves while working on your mouth and also sanitize the prep area.

They Display Their Work

Dentistry is all about results and results pay, big time. Before selecting your dentist, ask them for a portfolio of work that they’ve created over several years of time. An experienced dentist will be more than happy to share with you their successful before and after photos. Use this as a gauge to see whether or not you enjoy their work or if you’d like to keep searching for the best dentist for you.

They Explain Things Clearly

As a dental patient, there is a lot about dental care that we are not educated on. An ideal dentist will explain all aspects of your mouth exam clearly, presenting issues and successes when necessary. They will provide you with a diagnosis if necessary and create a preferred treatment plan moving forward.

All in all, you should feel at ease that all of your questions have been answered and that you know exactly what is to come during your smile journey. These signs you’re dealing with a good dentist will help you have a greater smiles.

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